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Yazidis Fear Annihilation After Al Qaeda Attacks

From a suddenly concerned Reuters:

Yazidis fear annihilation after Iraq bombings

By Peter Graff

KAHTANIYA, Iraq (Reuters) – Angry members of a minority sect in Iraq said on Thursday they feared annihilation after scores were killed in possibly the worst suicide bomb attack of the four-year conflict.

Frail clay houses in the centre of Kahtaniya, one of two villages targeted on Tuesday by garbage trucks packed with explosives, were flattened for several blocks.

Chunks of concrete and twisted aluminum lay in the street beside the destroyed homes of hundreds of Yazidis, a minority sect regarded by Sunni militants as infidels.

Estimates of the death toll varied from 175 to 500.

“Their aim is to annihilate us, to create trouble and kill all the Yazidis because we are not Muslims,” said Abu Saeed, a grey-bearded old man in Kahtaniya…

“Al Qaeda wants to kill all the Yazidis,” said another Kahtaniya villager, who gave his name only as Hossein. “Another bomb like this and there will be no more Yazidis left.”

Yazidis are members of a pre-Islamic Kurdish sect of several hundred thousand in northern Iraq and Syria who say they are persecuted for their beliefs.

In April, gunmen killed 23 Yazidi factory workers in Mosul in apparent retaliation for the stoning several weeks earlier of a teenaged Yazidi girl who police said had fallen in love with a Sunni Arab man and converted to Islam.

Angry Yazidis pleaded for help in the aftermath of the bombings. “We are thirsty. We have had no water for days,” Naif Kudar Ismael said in Kahtaniya, a village of about 1,600.

Nineveh province governor Duraid Kashmoula said the blasts buried entire families. He put the death toll at 220.

Zairyan Othman, minister of health in neighboring Kurdistan, Iraq’s semi-autonomous Kurdish region, said 205 were killed and 235 wounded. Iraq’s Health Ministry said on Thursday more than 150 were killed and more than 200 wounded…

Lemons said it appeared two garbage trucks packed with explosives had been driven to each of the two villages.

In al-Jazeera, where about 800 live, Iraqi security forces shot and killed the driver of one truck outside the village.

What’s this? When has Reuters or any of the rest of our guardian media ever cared what will happen to the minorities in Iraq? (And everyone who isn’t a Shiite is a minority in Iraq.)

These are the same people who say the US must pull out and the devil take the hindmost.

Also note how in this other articles the reporters are always careful to say that the US is insisting that this was done by Al Qaeda, even though they have quotes from the villagers which also say it was Al Qaeda.

Why not say the US and locals authorities say the perpetrators were Al Qaeda?

(Of course we can’t have that.)

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