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Yippee! Economy Drives Traffic Down

From a joyous Associated Press:

Traffic congestion dipping as economy falters


WASHINGTON (AP) — Drivers are spending less time stuck in rush-hour traffic for a second straight year, the first-ever two-year decline in congestion as high gas prices and the economic downturn force many Americans to change how they commute.

In individual cities, Los Angeles traffic is getting better but is still the worst in the nation. Washington’s is getting worse, now ranking second.

The average U.S. driver languished in rush-hour traffic for 36.1 hours in 2007, down from 36.6 hours in 2006 and a peak of 37.4 hours in 2005, according to a study being released Wednesday by the Texas Transportation Institute. Total wasted fuel also edged lower for the first time, from 2.85 billion gallons in 2006 to 2.81 billion, or roughly three weeks’ worth of gas per traveler.

The records go back a quarter-century, to 1982.

The last time traffic congestion had declined was in 1991 amid a spike in oil prices during the first Gulf War

This time, demographers attributed the decrease to a historic cutback in driving as commuters reduced solo trips, took public transit or carpooled after gas prices surged toward $4 a gallon and then the economy faltered. The housing downturn beginning in 2006 also has played a factor by reducing U.S. migration to far-flung residential exurbs…

The Associated Press can find good news in anything – now that we are in the Golden Age of Obama.

If a Republican were President, this story would have a wildly different slant.

By the way, note that Washington, DC is suffering no such reduction in traffic. Why is that?

Still, if only we could have a recession all of the time.

Of course if Mr. Obama and the Democrats get their way, we will.

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5 Responses to “Yippee! Economy Drives Traffic Down”

  1. Liberals Demise says:

    What is with the picture?
    Is that two democrats pulling the car full of happy youths?

    • Flession says:

      I thought it was Lord Barry’s Government Motors’ brand new, enviromentally friendly car design.

    • BigOil says:

      I imagine the MPJ (miles per jackass) is outstanding.

    • jobeth says:

      LD…that is the prototype of the new “green” car. Of course we are going to have to add a hose to the methane producing part of the “engine” to catch it in the trunk of the car to be recyled later..

      We must be able to recycle every biproduct.

      Great isn’t it! Thank goodness for the wonderful blessings of our Dear Leader!

  2. proreason says:

    “Of course if Mr. Obama and the Democrats get their way, we will.”

    Also, bet on the fact that the greenies are thrilled about the economy.

    They can’t get us into tents and caves fast enough.

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