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You Can’t Buy Insurance At Any Time Anymore

First we have this from Fox News:

White House sets new April 15 deadline for ObamaCare sign ups

April 03, 2014

WASHINGTON – The White House announced Thursday that April 15 will be the new deadline to sign up for ObamaCare. The two-week extension came after a series of technical glitches earlier in the week prevented people from filing new online applications…

"For those in line on the 31st, we encourage consumers to finish the process as soon as possible," Alicia Hartinger, spokeswoman at the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, said in an e-mail to members of the media. "They must complete their enrollment by no later than the 15th for coverage this year." …

Funny, this was passed out to all of the news media, but it only seems to be being reported by Fox News. Maybe the other media outlets just figure that this deadline will be moved back as well, so why bother?

Meanwhile, from the Associated Press:

Health insurance isn’t a year-round thing anymore

By CONNIE CASS | April 4, 2014

WASHINGTON (AP) — Here’s more fallout from the health care law: Until now, customers could walk into an insurance office or go online to buy standard health care coverage any time of year. Not anymore.

Many people who didn’t sign up during the government’s open enrollment period that ended Monday will soon find it difficult or impossible to get insured this year, even if they go directly to a private company and money is no object. For some it’s already too late.

With limited exceptions, insurers are refusing to sell to individuals after the enrollment period for HealthCare.gov and the state marketplaces. They will lock out the young and healthy as well as the sick or injured. Those who want to switch plans also are affected. The next wide-open chance to enroll comes in November for coverage in 2015.

It’s a little-noted consequence of President Barack Obama’s health care overhaul, which requires nearly all Americans to be insured or pay a fine and requires insurers to accept people with health problems.

Isn’t it funny how this is a little noted consequence. And by that they mean ‘little reported’ by our one party news media.

"I have people that can buy insurance, but the companies shut them down. They won’t take the applications," insurance broker Steve Bobiak of Frackville, Pa., said. "We’re a free country. You should be able to buy anything anytime you want." …

Mr. Bobiak is clearly living in the past. You are not free to buy anything you want. And you can be made to buy things, like health insurance, at a time that is most convenient for the government.

The federal law doesn’t prevent companies from selling policies to everyone all year. But insurers consider it too risky now that the law prohibits them from rejecting people in poor health.

"If you didn’t have an open enrollment period, you would have people who would potentially enroll when they get sick and dis-enroll when they get better," said Chris Stenrud, spokesman for insurer Kaiser Permanente. "The only insured people would be sick people, which would make insurance unaffordable for everyone." …

Bobiak, whose NICA Benefits company helps people buy insurance in New Jersey, Ohio and Pennsylvania, said he learned only a couple of weeks ago that insurers were cutting off new policies. "It’s lousy communication out there," he said. "If we don’t know, my God, how do they expect other people to know? It’s terrible." …

That is no accident. And this is just one of a hundred little details about Obama-Care that they didn’t want people to know about. And there are plenty more where this came from.

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2 Responses to “You Can’t Buy Insurance At Any Time Anymore”

  1. GetBackJack says:

    But you will be fined.

  2. yadayada says:

    “The only insured people would be sick people, which would make insurance unaffordable for everyone.” …

    sshhhh…. noone’s supposed to know – that was the plan all along. next step, one payer.

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