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Young People The Least familiar With O-Care

From Gallup:

Young Americans Least Familiar With Healthcare Law

Democrats, those with lower incomes also less familiar

By Frank Newport | December 2, 2013

PRINCETON, NJ – Americans younger than 30, a key group targeted by the Affordable Care Act, continue to be the least familiar with it.

Given that young people are going to be made to subsidize older people, this is actually great news for the Obama administration.

Another important group, those with lower incomes, are less familiar with the healthcare law than are those with higher incomes.

What do they need to know, except that it’s ‘free?  They have no reason to care about the details. They know they won’t have to pay for it.

The new healthcare law’s success will rest at least partially on young Americans’ enrollment rates, given the need to have uninsured but healthy younger people sign up for insurance to help subsidize the cost of healthcare for those who are older and more likely to require benefits. These young people need to be familiar with the law if they can be expected to respond to its mandate requiring them to have insurance. There is clearly still work to be done on that front — with younger Americans significantly less acquainted with the law than those who are older.

BS. They need to be as uninformed or misinformed as possible. So they think they are getting a good deal when they are really getting soaked.

The law, also known as Obamacare, is intended to benefit those with lower incomes, who are more likely to be uninsured than those with higher incomes. But at this time, lower-income Americans are less familiar with the law.

Although the healthcare act originated with a Democratic president and was passed by a Democratic-controlled Congress in 2010, Republicans across the country are significantly more familiar with it than are Democrats. This could reflect the desire among those who are most emotionally opposed to the law to know more about it, or underlying differences in attention to news across party groups

It’s two things. Republicans know they are going to have to pay for Obama-Care. And they are also far more generally informed than Democrats, who are mostly low information voters. Which is the only way the Democrat Party can survive.

Those Who Are Familiar Are Most Opposed

Those who are familiar with the healthcare law are significantly more likely to oppose it than those who are not familiar with it. Among those familiar with the law, net approval is -19 percentage points, slightly more negative than is the case for the overall population. Those who are unfamiliar with the law are evenly divided, with 41% approving and 43% disapproving.

Which suggests it was a mistake for Obama to tell his mind-numbed robots to talk about Obama-Care over Thanksgiving Dinner.

These relationships do not necessarily mean acquaintance with the law leads one to become more negative, as the correlations most certainly reflect party differences in familiarity. Still, it is possible that if familiarity with the law increases, opinions could shift at least somewhat in a more negative direction, given the higher disapproval among the familiar population…

So, it does mean that the more one knows about Obama-Care the more they oppose it. Just like with people, familiarity with Obama-Care breeds contempt.

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  1. GetBackJack says:

    They have powerful magic thumbs capable of sending Tweets, Instagrams, 43 Things, Bebo(s), Pinterest, Orkuts, Tumblr(s), Jaikus, Reddits, Mashables and 4Chan Updates at the speed and dexterity of a chimpanzee on crack .. but see through, understand and reject the horrors of Washington …


    PS – you can quote me on your Facebook Update when you tell the world you ate an egg sandwich …

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