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School: Cindy Sheehan Is Worth 18 War Heroes

Somebody needs to explain to me why Mother Sheehan is getting so much more money for her treasonous agit-prop than a distinguished combat veteran? Eighteen times more, in fact.

Maybe Gordon Soderberg or one Cindy’s other bosom buddies at the other Veterans For Peace will denounce this outrageous injustice.

After all, who knows more about the issue and has a better right to speak on it than a combat veteran? Shouldn’t actually being a combat veteran trump being the mother of one?

Behold the tidings from upstate New York’s Daily Star Online:


SUCO to pay Sheehan $11,000

Tonight’s lecture to be countered by war veteran

By Jake Palmateer

Staff Writer

ONEONTA — The State University College at Oneonta has booked a Fox News Channel military analyst to counter a lecture tonight by anti-war activist Cindy Sheehan.

Lt. Col. Scott Rutter, who retired from the Army in November 2003 after leading a mechanized infantry battalion into Baghdad, will give a presentation sponsored by the student-run College Union Activities Council at noon Friday in the Hunt Union Square.

CUAC is also sponsoring an appearance by Sheehan at 8 p.m. tonight in the Hunt Union Ballroom.

Both events are part of "Making a Difference Week," said CUAC lecture chairwoman Erin Dromgoole, who helped book both speakers earlier this month.

Sheehan is getting paid $11,000 for the hour-long talk, while Rutter will receive his standard fee of $600 for his presentation, Dromgoole said.

She said the point of having the week was to encourage students to become more aware of current events.

Rutter will deliver a multimedia presentation entitled "A Soldier’s Story," which, according to his website, includes hundreds of photographs from the front lines in Iraq during the 2003 fight for Baghdad. Rutter has been a staunch supporter of the war.

A company commander in the Persian Gulf War and a battalion commander in the 3rd Infantry Division during Operation Iraqi Freedom, Rutter received a Silver Star for leading 850 men into combat. He returned to Iraq in 2004 to work as an imbedded military analyst for Fox News and continues to appear on the channel as a contributor.

Dromgoole said Sheehan will give a presentation entitled, "One Person Can Make a Difference."

"She is the main speaker," Dromgoole said.

Sheehan gained national attention in August for camping in a ditch outside President Bush’s ranch in Crawford, Texas.

Sheehan’s son, Casey Sheehan, was killed in Baghdad in April 2004, but after a face-to-face meeting with the president a few months later, she became involved in the anti-war movement.

Dromgoole said Rutter was sought out after CUAC heard a complaint that the student organization would appear to be taking a side on the war issue if it only invited Sheehan to participate.

"It was part of it," Dromgoole said.

She said the CUAC also heard concerns that Sheehan’s appearance may be more than a just a talk.

"Some people assumed it was an anti-war rally and that’s not what it is," Dromgoole said. "Her program is not about the war."

Dromgoole said the lecture is designed to illustrate that an individual can make a difference in society. But she added that the war will be mentioned by Sheehan.

"Obviously, it’s going to come up, that’s who she is," Dromgoole said.

CUAC is funded by a student activity fee of $80.50 a semester, Student Activity Director Bill Harcleroad said.

He said CUAC has $37,500 in the lecture budget for this year.

"(Rutter’s) getting paid whatever he asked for. (Sheehan’s) getting paid whatever she asked for," Harcleroad said.

Sheehan’s lecture will be given in the Hunt Union Ballroom, which has a capacity of 800 people. Rutter will give his presentation in the 75-person capacity Hunt Union Square.

Harcleroad said both events are free for SUCO students and $3 for members of the public.

In addition to hiring the lecturers, CUAC also paid for an advertisement in The Daily Star for the Sheehan speech.

Harcleroad said Rutter was not booked in time to get a similar advertisement for his speech, but he said that Rutter and Sheehan’s lectures are being promoted on campus with the same level of activity.

However, Dromgoole said, the advertisement was done in part to generate off-campus interest in Sheehan’s lecture because of the larger price tag for her appearance.

College spokeswoman Carol Blazina said university police are aware of Sheehan’s high-profile status and will be on guard.

"The college will provide appropriate security," Blazina said.

I’m sure Cindy’s handlers told the university they were getting a deal, since her usual rate is three times this mere pittance.

Mind you, al-Sheehan has led the pack of jackals who are trying to keep military recruiters off school campuses everywhere. But it’s okay — even worth thousands of dollars — to have her preach her America-hating sedition there.

And notice that Lt. Col. Rutter, a highly decorated combat veteran, has to speak in a hall less than one tenth the size Cindy is infesting. And further note that the school has done no advertising for Rutter’s talk, as they have for Mother Sheehan’s.

I guess this institution of higher learning doesn’t want to give this evil man the chance to infect too many minds. He’s just window-dressing, after all.

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