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YouTube Reveals 18 Murdered In Mexico

From an unfazed Associated Press:

18 dead found in Mexico mass grave shown in video

By Sergio Flores, Associated Press
November 4, 2010

ACAPULCO, Mexico – In another grisly turn in Mexico’s drug war, police have recovered 18 bodies from a mass grave announced in a YouTube posting — a video saying the victims were from a tourist group kidnapped in Acapulco a month ago.

Imagine. This is the way we are getting such news. Via YouTube videos.

Authorities said they would resume their search Thursday for more remains at the burial site in Tres Palos, a town just south of the Pacific resort city.

Police did not yet know if the bodies found were from the 20 men abducted at gunpoint Sept. 30 while visiting Acapulco from neighboring Michoacan state, Fernando Monreal, investigative police chief for Guerrero state, said Wednesday night.

Officers began digging at the site early Wednesday after receiving an anonymous phone call alerting them to two bodies dumped on an empty lot.

Hours earlier, a video appeared on Youtube in which two men — their hands apparently tied behind their backs and answering questions from an unseen interrogator — say they killed "the Michoacanos" and buried them in the area

A sign left between the two men read: "The people they killed are buried here." It was signed by Acapulco’s Independent Cartel, or CIDA — a little known drug gang that has been claiming responsibility for killings in the area over the last two months…

In the video, the two men say they killed the "Michoacanos" in an act of revenge against La Familia, a powerful drug cartel based in Michoacan state.

The families of the 20 missing men, many of them related to each other, have said they were mechanics in the state capital of Morelia who each year saved up money to take a vacation together. Among those abducted was the 17-year-old son of one of the mechanics

We have a war raging on our border, and sometimes over our border, and it was not even an issue in the midterm elections.

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11 Responses to “YouTube Reveals 18 Murdered In Mexico”

  1. Rusty Shackleford says:

    “We have a war raging on our border, and sometimes over our border, and it was not even an issue in the midterm elections.”

    Yup, seems like the politicians appear to be concerned with the toilet not shutting off while the house burns down…..


  2. BigOil says:

    Could it be that the executive branch simply lacks the necessary resources to pay attention to the Mexican killing fields at our border?

    After all, it requires a tremendous amount of resources to plan and execute 200 million dollar a day soirees. The logistics of moving 3000 bureaucrats, 40 aircraft, a fleet of limousines, helicopters, 34 warships, commandeering hotels, and coconut removal is a staggering endeavor. Its like planning the D-Day invasion.

    • proreason says:

      “Its like planning the D-Day invasion.”

      Good point BigOil.

      Does anybody know if there has been a bigger military action since D-day in such a concentrated timeframe? Obviously, Vietnam and the Gulf Wars overall were much bigger, but for a 3-day excursion, I would be surprised if there has been anything like this since D-day. Perhaps MacArthur’s beach landing in Korea was in the same ballpark.

      And for what purpose? India is already our friend, and also highly suspicous of the Moron. If security concerns are so great, why don’t the leaders meet in a safe friendly country like Australia?

      At $200M per day, the cost of the whole trip is going to exceed a Billion dollars. That isn’t a rounding error.

      But to answer the question………the purpose is equal parts ego, hubris and revenge.

  3. retire05 says:

    We here in the border states know that the violence has bled over into our states. i.e. Arizona, SB1070. But the Dems are clueless. Bill White, who turned Houston into a sanctuary city, thought he could run from his record, until the Houston Police Officers Union came out against him and a widow of a murdered Houston police officer ran a scathing ad because her husband was killed last year by an illegal drug lord.

    The Tucson sector of the Border Patrol is slamming this administration for its LACK of border enforcement. Nappy keeps telling us the border is safer than it has ever been, but yet, the murders continue. And Mexico, in typical Mexican style, says “We have to stop the investigations into these murders because our police chiefs heads keep winding up in towsacks.”

    Maybe some of those warships should be put down here on Falcon Lake. But Nappy’s answer? More signs warning Americans to stay off American soil.

    • Adam Moreira says:

      And where is the state’s National Guard at full force? That should have been Brewer’s first call upon taking office…she shares blame too. As for the signs warning Americans to stay off of American soil – they existed from when Tom Ridge ran the agency. Rick Perry gets it.

      Instead, Brewer never let a good crisis go to waste and dithered on it. Don’t talk the talk…walk the walk.

    • Rusty Shackleford says:

      Adam your ignorance is showing.

      1) John McCain asked for as many as 6,000 troops for Arizona’s border.
      2) Wonderboy authorized 1,200
      3) That 1,200 is to cover the borders of California, Arizona, New Mexico and Texas
      4) All they are allowed to do is “call in suspected illegal movement”


    • Right of the People says:


      If Governor Brewer had called in the National Guard, the media would have had a stroke! They would have accused us of escalating the situation and say we were declaring war on Mexico and the wets.

      We in the Border Patrol would have applauded the move especially if they brought their armor and aviation assets and used them to their full extent because our own management (read Jumpy Janet) refuses to let us do our job. Up here in the Peoples Republic of Vermont it is not nearly as bad but we face our own unique set of problems caused by her waffling.

      And Rusty is correct, all those few extra guard assets that did get assigned are allowed to do is call in when they spot tonks trying to cross. They aren’t even allowed to return fire if fired upon although I imagine that particular order would be ignored if it escalates to the that level. I know I would shoot first and explain later.

    • Adam Moreira says:

      @ROTP – good! The media should have had a stroke (or better yet, be kept in the dark). Things like this require someone to be proactive. The governor has to make the first call.

      @Rusty – but does the President even have the authority to deploy American troops within the United States? In other words, was McCain asking Obama to exceed his Constitutional authority? (I’m not sure McCain could do that if he were President.)

    • Liberals Demise says:

      The prez swore an oath to defend the United States against enemies foreign and domestic. The houseboy is clearly over his head on this one and should be charged with incompetence and Treason.
      Anything less is also criminal!!

  4. tranquil.night says:

    Such CHAMPIONS of HUMAN RIGHTS we have in the White House and those among our valiant media. I wonder if we can add murder to our legal challenge of Arizona because it’s obviously theirs and the United States fault. To which we must respond by telling the world we’re sorry and opening the border. Right on, right on.

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