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‘Zombie’ Protesters Disrupt Special Olympics

From the Wisconsin State Journal:

Silent ‘zombie’ protesters arrested at Capitol

GAYLE WORLAND | Thursday, June 9, 2011

A dozen silent demonstrators wearing zombie makeup and protest T-shirts were arrested early Wednesday afternoon after lying down on the floor of a legislator’s Capitol offices and refusing to leave.

Police carried out the demonstrators “one by one” after the group spent about half an hour in the offices of Rep. Robin Vos, R-Rochester, said Vos’ communications director, Kit Beyer.

Ten received disorderly conduct citations, one was booked and released, and one was required to post $263.50 because he was from out of state, said Capitol Police spokeswoman Lori Getter.

Earlier in the day, the group was part of a “Die-In and Zombie March” by about 50 people protesting cuts to student aid and a new voter ID law that critics say will make it harder for students to vote, said Erika Wolf, field organizer and lobbyist for the United Council of UW Students, an advocacy group that represents about 150,000 students throughout Wisconsin.

And never mind that these same students are probably required to provide a photo ID to even walk around the campus.

Participants wore zombie makeup and red-streaked T-shirts stating “Students are as good as dead” and lay on the steps of the Capitol while a “eulogy” was read and other protestors, dressed in black, posed as “mourners,” Wolf said. The group then marched through the Capitol and later stood near a crowd outside where Gov. Scott Walker was addressing a group from Special Olympics Wisconsin.

Kelly Kloepping, vice-president of communications for Special Olympics Wisconsin, said the protesters were respectful and caused no disruption.

Of course not. What would be disruptive about doing such a thing?

A video posted online shows a line of protesters standing between Walker and the group from the Special Olympics.

With the zombie theme, the group was trying to do “something funny and interesting and eye-catching, and show that even if they’re going to have their rights stripped from them, they’re going to rise up,” Wolf said…

But they weren’t disruptive.

Still, they make a great case for cutting student aid.

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10 Responses to “‘Zombie’ Protesters Disrupt Special Olympics”

  1. Right of the People says:

    Sounds like the Special Olympian’s have more brain power than these classless mopes who were disrupting things.

    Oh boo, hoo, hoo for the poor utes that will have to prove they are who they are so they can vote. They think they’re supposed to be special and better that us normal, working people? Most of them probably don’t belong in college anyway.

    I think they maybe should change the rules to get aid. You only qualify if you are going into the sciences or engineering. We have way too many people with degrees in basketweaving and other “liberal” arts and need scientists and engineers. And no aid for law students, we have way too many lawyers already!

    • jobeth says:

      So right…Liberal Arts courses are nothing more than indoctrination opportunities for the progressive left.

      I don’t have kids in college anymore, but if I did, they would NOT be wasting everyone’s money with a liberal arts crap degree. If they wanted something in the social side they would be going to a private Christian or known Conservative institute.

      We have no one to blame but ourselves. We allowed…from the 60s on…to be brainwashing ourselves and now our kids and grand kids. These kids get only one view…and have never been taught critical thinking. The people on this video think they are so brilliant, yet they are like the zombies they pretend to be.

      The joke is on them in the end. They really are non thinking Zombies…their leaders must be laughing their heads off.

    • Liberals Demise says:

      Fleecing sheep comes to my mind.

    • preparing4theworst says:

      “I think they maybe should change the rules to get aid”. My short story…while searching for funding for my daughters first four years (BS- animal science/pre-vet) I found literally millions for minority-liberal arts students, but money for a white female honor student with a working class parent entering a hard-science program…not so much…

  2. tranquil.night says:

    Well at least the outside is finally starting to reflect the inside.

  3. NoNeoCommies says:

    So, students that have to show their ID to get student services; to enroll; to get grants and scholarships; to get into bars; to open a bank account or cash checks, don’t have the ID needed to vote?

    I think they don’t have the brains to vote, so I guess the zombie theme is incredibly appropriate.

  4. jobeth says:


    At the end of the video the moderator said their aim was “…to bring attention to themselves”.

    That’s the whole thing…right there. Bringing attention to themselves. Its all about them…never about the effort of the Special Olympians or anyone else for that matter.

    Who better to bully by standing in their way than the S.Os. The protesters had to know, these young people don’t stand up for themselves and their leaders wouldn’t make a scene…out of respect for the young olympians.

    As far as I’m concerned every protester there…zombies or not should be ashamed of themselves. They are attention whores (and I don’t use that word often)

    In the end, if they didn’t have one cause…they would find another…for the attention and nothing more. Because they obviously can’t think or they couldn’t rob these kids of a day they were so excited about. This was not the venue for their assnine protest.

    And…while we are at it…”by about 50 people protesting cuts to student aid and a new voter ID law that critics say will make it harder for students to vote”…more than once.

    Selfish asses…everyone of them.

  5. Airmail56 says:

    Well, dead people have been voting for Dems forever, so this is a logical progression…

  6. magick888 says:

    Liberal Arts has nothing to do With Liberalism, The term liberal arts denotes a curriculum that imparts general knowledge and develops the student’s rational thought and intellectual capabilities, unlike the professional, vocational, and technical curricula emphasizing specialization. The contemporary liberal arts comprise studying literature, languages, philosophy, history, mathematics, and science. nothing to do with Liberal agendas while they probably shouldn’t have protested where they did they had every right too.they should have used a little common sense in this case.

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