AP Muddies The Water On The Ebola Budget Cuts Claims

From the Associated Press:

SPIN METER: Shaky claims on Ebola budgets

October 17, 2014

WASHINGTON (AP) — … Republicans claim credit for boosting the budget of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention last year while charging President Barack Obama with trying to cut it now. Democrats counter that the GOP-controlled House is behind cuts to the National Institutes of Health, which researches drugs to fight Ebola and vaccines to prevent it.

First, some basics. The budgets for the CDC and health research have indeed been flat or have shrunk slightly in recent years as House Republicans forced cuts to domestic Cabinet budgets upon Obama.

The AP eventually admits that the sequester was Obama’s idea. But they fail to note that he refused to change any of the cuts.


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Obama Open To An ‘Ebola Czar,’ Still Opposes Flight Ban

From Reuters:

Obama open to appointing Ebola ‘czar,’ opposes travel ban

By Steve Holland and David Morgan | Fri Oct 17, 2014

Oct 16 (Reuters) – President Barack Obama said he was considering appointing an Ebola "czar" to coordinate the fight against the virus in the United States, but he remained opposed to a ban on travel from West Africa…

"It may be appropriate for me to appoint an additional person" to oversee efforts to contain Ebola, Obama told reporters after meeting aides involved in the fight against the disease.

How about appointing Susan Rice? We know she has a great track record for leveling with the American public. Or, if Ms. Rice is too important to lose at the UN, why not Kathleen Sebelius?



Obama Retreats On Travel Ban; 25% Risk Or Ebola In US

From the Daily Caller:

Obama Retreats On Ebola Travel Ban

By Al Weaver | October 16, 2014

Could President Obama be backtracking on his opposition to a travel ban? Thursday night offered the first sign of a possible shift on the issue in the effort to combat Ebola. Obama told the press pool in the Oval Office… “I want to make sure that everybody’s clear about the issue. I don’t have a philosophical objection necessarily to a travel ban if that is the thing that is going to keep the American people safe,” said Obama.

Really? Isn’t political correctness a philosophy? Isn’t the desire to make America suffer as much as any third world country a philosophy?

“The problem is, in all the discussions I’ve had thus far with experts in the field, experts in infectious disease, is that a travel ban is less effective than the measures that we are currently instituting, that involve screening passengers who are coming from West Africa,” he said.


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AP: African Countries Stemmed Ebola By Closing Borders

From a seemingly surprised Associated Press:

Africa stems Ebola via border closings, luck

By TOM ODULA and LYNSEY CHUTEL | October 16, 2014

NAIROBI, Kenya (AP) — Health officials battling the Ebola outbreak that has killed more than 4,500 people in West Africa have managed to limit its spread on the continent to five countries – and two of them appear to have snuffed out the disease…

Officials credit tighter border controls, good patient-tracking and other medical practices, and just plain luck with keeping Ebola confined mostly to Liberia, Sierra Leone and Guinea since the outbreak was first identified nearly seven months ago.

Yes, it’s mostly just plain luck for sure. How could closing borders or restricting flights help?

Senegal did so well in finding and isolating a man with Ebola who had slipped across the border from Guinea in August that the World Health Organization on Friday will declare the end of the disease in Senegal if no new cases surface.


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Officials Keep Ebola Hospital Workers Away From Public

From the Associated Press:

Officials move to keep Dallas health workers home

By JAMIE STENGLE | October 16, 2014

DALLAS (AP) — Texas officials moved for the first time Thursday to force health care workers who had contact with a dying Ebola patient to stay home, reversing course after a nurse later diagnosed with the disease flew across the Midwest and deepened anxiety about whether the virus would spread in the U.S.

Seventy-five Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital Dallas employees who had contact with Thomas Eric Duncan were asked to sign legal documents in which they agreed not go to public places or use mass transit, according to Judge Clay Jenkins, top administrator for Dallas County.

In effect, these people are now under quarantine. And yet how many times have we been told that you can’t catch Ebola by sitting next to someone on a bus?



Belize Refuses Entry To Ship Carrying TX Hospital Worker

From the Washington Post:

Belize refuses entry to Carnival cruise ship carrying Texas hospital worker who may have handled Ebola victim’s specimen

By Lindsey Bever and Fred Barbash | October 17, 2014

A Texas health-care worker who “may have” handled lab specimens from Ebola victim Thomas Eric Duncan has been isolated in a cabin on board a commercial cruise ship in the Caribbean, according to U.S. Department of State. And Belize Coast Guard won’t let the vessel or any of its thousands of passengers into port.

Are they racists or just Ebola-phobes, or both?

The Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital employee and a partner boarded the ship Oct. 12 in Galveston, Tex., before the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention updated the requirement for active monitoring, the State Department said in a statement.


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Vinson’s Plane To Cleveland Made 26 Subsequent Flights

From the Cleveland Plain Dealer:

Ebola patient’s Amber Joy Vinson’s plane to Cleveland made 26 flights after her initial trip

Mary Kilpatrick | October 16, 2014

CLEVELAND, Ohio — The plane that flew a nurse infected with Ebola from Dallas to Cleveland on Friday made 26 flights before the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention revealed that Amber Joy Vinson may have been symptomatic on the flight. The plane traveled across the country and into Mexico, making stops in Denver, Washington, D.C., Cincinnati and Philadelphia…

The article then goes on to list the flight numbers and flight routes of the plane. All told, the plane carried another 800 passengers.

Meanwhile, we have this from the CBS Austin, Texas affiliate, KEYE:

Frontier Notifies More Passengers About Ebola

October 16, 2014

Frontier Airlines says it is notifying passengers on seven flights that they either flew with a nurse who later tested positive for Ebola or on a later flight using the same plane.



Amy Vinson May Have Had Symptoms During First Flight

From the Fox Ohio affiliate, WJW:

Officials looking for certain customers who stopped by bridal shop Vinson visited

By Kara Sutyak and Darcie Loreno | October 16, 2014 

AKRON, Ohio — New information received by the CDC Thursday indicates the latest Ebola patient– Amber Vinson– may have experienced symptoms as early as Friday, Oct. 10 — the day she flew into Cleveland. That’s according to the CDC’s Dr. Chris Braden, who spoke at a press conference in Summit County Thursday afternoon.

For those of you playing at home, Ms. Vinson flew to Cleveland on Frontier Flight 1142.

Health officials say a person is only contagious when showing Ebola symptoms.

But she wasn’t showing symptoms. She wasn’t even showing symptoms on the day she was diagnosed.


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People Think Demos ‘Get’ Them, But They’re Voting GOP

From the Washington Post:

People think Democrats ‘get’ them. But they are voting for Republicans.

By Aaron Blake October 16, 2014

Democrats are likely to lose the Senate in three weeks — at least according to just about everybody — and their brand hasn’t been worse in at least the last 30 years, according to a Washington Post-ABC News poll released this week.

And yet, through it all, they remain the party that Americans empathize with the most. It’s almost as if Democrats are the party people would like to vote for, but they just can’t right now.

What in the world does that mean, you might ask. Well, the Post-ABC poll asked people three empathy-related questions.

1) Which party better represents your own personal values?


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New York Giants Briefed On Ebola Before Trip To Dallas

From the New York Post:

New York Giants getting briefed on Ebola before trip to Dallas

October 15, 2014

The Giants are heading to Dallas this weekend and have taken steps to ensure their traveling party is briefed on the deadly Ebola virus that has been contracted by two female health care workers in the Dallas hospital where one man, Thomas Eric Duncan, died from the virus on Oct. 8.

The Giants face the Cowboys on Sunday afternoon at AT&T Stadium in Arlington, Texas.

“On the Ebola issue, no, nothing out of the ordinary other than providing background and info on the disease,’’ Pat Hanlon, the Giants’ senior vice president of communications, told The Post Wednesday in an e-mail.

“Our athletic trainers and team physicians have been briefed on the scope of the Ebola virus disease.


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MRC: 15 Ways The NIH And CDC Wasted Taxpayer Money

From the Media Research Center:

Hey Journalists! 15 Ways NIH And CDC Wasted Taxpayer Money

By Joseph Rossell | October 16, 2014

… If NIH and CDC are still having trouble coming up with ways to fund their fight against Ebola, here is a list of 15 wasteful programs totaling $15,135,574,669.00 where they could have saved:

1. Telling Taxpayers How to Eat ($15 billion) – … Obamacare carved out $15 billion for Centers for Disease Control (CDC) to convince Americans to make “healthy” choices through “Community Transformation Grants” (CTG). The CTG program “supports efforts to modify behavior through anti-obesity campaigns, as well as anti-smoking and pro-sin tax regulations and legislation” …

4.  “Why Are Lesbians Fat?” ($2.87 million) – … The ongoing study is meant to explain why “women of minority sexual orientation are disproportionately affected by the obesity epidemic,” operating under the claim that “three-quarters” of lesbians are obese…

6.  Drunken Monkeys ($3.2 million) – NIH spent $3.2 million getting monkeys drunk just to see what would happen…

7.  Bizarre Sex Studies ($1.5 million) – Congress voted to give NIH $1.5 million to spend on four obscure sex studies: “Mood Arousal and Sexual Risk Taking,” “Study on Sexual Habits of Older Men,” “Study on San Francisco’s Asian Prostitutes/Masseuses,” and “Study on American Indian Transgender Research.” …

8.  Funds for Homosexual Activists in Public Schools ($1.4 million) – CDC gave The Gay, Lesbian & Straight Education Network (GLSEN), the homosexual activist group, $1.4 million to create “safe spaces” in public schools…

9.  Centers for ‘Gun Disease’ Prevention ($2.6 million) – CDC spent $2.6 million on studies that favor greater gun control before when Congress defunded the research…  For FY 2015, President Obama is asking Congress to grant CDC $22.2 million in new funding to study and prevent gun violence…

10.  National Institute ‘Gun Control’ ($5 million) – Separately from the CDC, NIH also handed out nearly $5 million for research promoting gun control…

[Other NIH Boondoggles:]
    Cocaine Enhances Japanese Quail’s Sex Drive ($181,406)…
    Empowering Women to Choose Contraception … in Jail ($279,789)…



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Obama Ignored CDC Advice To Build 18 Disease Centers

From the Washington Times:

Obama administration ignored the CDC’s advice to prevent an Ebola outbreak

By Jim McElhatton | October 15, 2014

The Centers for Disease Control told the incoming Obama administration in 2008 that it should establish 18 regional disease detection centers around the world to adequately safeguard the U.S. from emerging health threats like Ebola, according to an agency memo.

But six years later, as the government struggles to contain the fallout from a deadly Ebola outbreak at home and abroad, the CDC still has only 10 centers — and none of them operates in the western Africa region hardest hit by the deadly virus.

“The existing centers have already proven their effectiveness and impact on detecting and responding to outbreaks including avian influenza, aflatoxin poisoning, Rift Valley fever, Ebola and Marburg virus outbreaks,” the CDC said in its memo to the Obama transition team, which The Washington Times obtained through a Freedom of Information Act request.


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Man With Vinson Without Protective Gear Was From CDC?


Why No Protective Gear For Man With Dallas Ebola Patient?

October 15, 2014

NORTH TEXAS (CBSDFW.COM) – As the world watched the loading of Ebola patient Amber Joy Vinson onto a CDC plane Wednesday, something seemed odd to us, and a lot of you as well. On social media, and on the CBS 11 News phone lines, the biggest question became – who was the guy not wearing protective hazmat gear? CBS 11 News did some digging and got answers…

The CDC coordinated the flight and from watching the man in plainclothes, he looks like an overseer – given the task of watching every move that was made on the tarmac…

So CBS-DFW thins he is a CDC expert who was there to make sure all the protocols are followed.



Dems Fight Travel Ban, 16 Docs Without Borders Infected

From The Hill:

Democrats push back on travel ban

By Mike Lillis | October 15, 2014

House Democrats are pushing back hard against proposals to institute a travel ban in the fight against the Ebola virus. A growing number of lawmakers — mostly Republicans — are urging the Obama administration to bar travel to the United States for the roughly 13,000 foreign visa holders living in the West African countries where the disease is most rampant.

In other words, there are currently 13,000 people in Ebola countries who can come to the US even as we speak.

But Democrats are rejecting that strategy, arguing that it would both be ineffective and could worsen the epidemic in those African hot spots.

Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee (D-Texas) said Wednesday… "I don’t think we gain anything by spending our time talking about quarantines" of entire countries, Jackson Lee said in a phone interview.


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CDC Considers Ebola No-Fly List (Already Is A No-Fly List)

From Fox News:

CDC considers adding names of health workers monitored for Ebola to no-fly list

October 16, 2014

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is considering adding the names of healthcare workers being monitored for the Ebola virus to the government’s no-fly list, federal officials tell Fox News… From now on, Frieden said, no one else involved in Duncan’s care would be allowed to travel "other than in a controlled environment." He cited guidelines that permit charter flights or travel by car but no public transportation…

And yet they repeatedly gave permission to nurse Vinson to fly. Even when she had a temperature.

Early Thursday, Frontier released a statement saying that the crew of Flight 1143 had been placed on paid leave for 21 days, despite CDC guidance that they were all safe to fly. 

Maybe Frontier is trying to avoid future lawsuits.



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