Hillary’s Aide Podesta Attacked Bush For ‘Private Emails’

A trip down memory lane, from The Hill, of all places:

Clinton aide Podesta criticized Bush officials for using private emails

By Ben Kamisar | March 3, 2015

A top adviser to Hillary Clinton’s campaign-in-waiting accused the George W. Bush administration of using private emails to skirt transparency rules in 2007. John Podesta, who left the White House in February for an unofficial role with Clinton, criticized Bush administration officials for using Republican National Committee email accounts for official business.

“At the end of the day, it looks like they were trying to avoid the Records Act . . . by operating official business off the official systems,” Podesta said in an interview with The Wall Street Journal.

What a textbook case of Democrat projection.



Huma Abedin Also Had Secret Email Account At State Dept

From the Gawker:

Source: Top Clinton Aides Used Secret Email Accounts at State Dept.

By J.K. Trotter | March 3, 2015

Hillary Clinton is defending her use of a private email address, hosted at ClintonEmail.com, to conduct official State Department business by claiming that her emails were captured by official @state.gov accounts that other agency employees were instructed to use to contact her.

That is some defense: ‘I don’t have to follow the law because some of the people I emailed may have been following the law.’

But according to a knowledgeable source, at least two other top Clinton aides also used private email accounts to conduct government business—placing their official communications outside the scope of federal record-keeping regulations…

“Her top staffers used those Clinton email addresses” at the agency, said the source, who has worked with Clinton in the past.



Daily Beast: How Safe Were Hillary’s Secrets From Spies?

From the Daily Beast:

How Safe Were Hillary Clinton’s Secrets?

By Shane Harris | March 3, 2015

When she served as Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton was steeped in every imaginable foreign policy issue and regularly dealt with highly classified information. But not, apparently, over email. Clinton “did not have a classified email system” at the State Department while she was in office, deputy spokesperson Marie Harf told The Daily Beast.

Instead, Clinton used at least one personal email account for unclassified business and relied on “multiple other ways of communicating in a classified manner, including assistants printing documents for her, secure phone calls, and secure video conferences,” Harf said.

And we believe that, too. But then again, we believe everything that Marie Harf says.


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NYT: Using Private Email, Hillary Thwarted FOIA Requests

From the New York Times, of all places:

Using Private Email, Hillary Clinton Thwarted Record Requests


WASHINGTON — In 2012, congressional investigators asked the State Department for a wide range of documents related to the attack on the United States diplomatic compound in Benghazi, Libya. The department eventually responded, furnishing House committees with thousands of documents. But it turns out that that was not everything.

The State Department had not searched the email account of former Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton because she had maintained a private account, which shielded it from such searches, department officials acknowledged on Tuesday…

It was one of several instances in which records requests sent to the State Department, which had no access to Mrs.


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Trey Gowdy: Hillary Used Multiple Personal Email Accounts

From the Politico:

Benghazi committee says Hillary used multiple personal email accounts

By Lauren French | March 3, 2015

The House committee investigating the 2012 terrorist attacks in Benghazi will issue new requests to Hillary Clinton for emails from multiple personal accounts she used during her tenure as secretary of state.

Chairman Trey Gowdy (R-S.C.) told reporters on Tuesday that lawyers for the Benghazi Committee would be issuing the new requests – which he didn’t rule out could come in the form of subpoenas – to Clinton and her email providers in the coming weeks…

“It was not as if she had both an official and a private email account. She did not use personal email in addition to government email. She used personal email in lieu of government email,” Gowdy said.


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‘World’s Smartest Woman’ Ran Email Server From House

From the Associated Press:

Clinton ran own computer system for her official emails

By JACK GILLUM and TED BRIDIS | March 4, 2015

WASHINGTON (AP) — The computer server that transmitted and received Hillary Clinton’s emails — on a private account she used exclusively for official business when she was secretary of state — traced back to an Internet service registered to her family’s home in Chappaqua, New York, according to Internet records reviewed by The Associated Press. The highly unusual practice [sic] of a Cabinet-level official physically running her own email would have given Clinton, the presumptive Democratic presidential candidate, impressive control over limiting access to her message archives.

"This highly unusual practice" would also give any foreign government and their armies of hackers impressive control over her emails.


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Fed Agents Raid Chinese ‘Maternity Tourism’ Centers In CA

From the Associated Press:

Agents target industry helping Chinese women have US babies

By AMY TAXIN | March 3, 2015

IRVINE, California (AP) — Federal agents searched more than a dozen homes Tuesday in a crackdown on so-called maternity tourism operators who arrange for pregnant Chinese women to give birth in the U.S., where their babies automatically become American citizens.

The crackdown on three alleged maternity tourism rings may be the biggest yet by federal homeland security agents who say that, while pregnant women may travel to the United States, they cannot lie about the purpose of their trip when applying for a visa.

Birth tourism has been reported from a range of countries, but authorities say the most recent cases in California have catered to wealthy Chinese amid a boom in tourism from mainland China.


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Obama’s Dreamers Aren’t Even Getting FBI ‘Name Checks’

From Breitbart:

USCIS Officials Reveal Feds Processed 7 Million Immigration-Related Applications in One Year

By Tony Lee | March 3, 2015

On Tuesday, United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) officials revealed that the agency processed nearly seven million immigration-related applications in just one year alone (fiscal year 2014).

Because the agency does not have the resources to conduct in-person interviews with every applicant, officials noted that applicants for President Barack Obama’s Deferred Action for Childhood (DACA) program did not have to go though face-to-face interviews before being granted temporary amnesty.

Why don’t they have the resources for this? What else are they doing, besides rubber-stamping these applications?

Potential applicants for President Barack Obama’s executive amnesty program for the illegal immigrant parents of U.S. citizens will also not be given in-person interviews if the federal government is allowed to proceed with its implementation after the court case against it is resolved…

Of course not.


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Dems Furious Republicans Want To See Obama Iran Deal

From an outraged (at the GOP) Associated Press:

Democrats upset with GOP effort to fast-track Iran bill

By DEB RIECHMANN | March 3, 2015

WASHINGTON (AP) — A Republican effort to quickly pass legislation allowing congressional oversight on any Iran nuclear agreement is angering Democrats.

Which means that no matter what the Republicans say, this bill will never happen. The Republican leadership will eventually say they have to move on and save their ammo for the next battle.

A key Democratic sponsor of the legislation, which would allow a congressional vote on any deal the United States signs with Iran to curb its nuclear program, said Tuesday night that he’s outraged that GOP leaders want to fast-track the bill.

Huh? So a key Democrat sponsor of the bill doesn’t any congressional oversight before this is a done deal?



Mexico Raided Illegals ‘Beast’ Train 153 Times In Last Year

From the Associated Press:

Mexico raided migrant train 153 times in last year

March 3, 2015

MEXICO CITY (AP) — Mexican authorities said Tuesday they staged 153 raids over the last year on a train known as "La Bestia" that rolled toward the U.S. border crowded with hundreds of Central American migrants…

Why don’t they simply put police on the train to keep it from ever carrying illegal aliens?

The head of the National Immigration Institute, Ardelio Vargas, said the 153 train raids were part of 758 immigration inspections over the last year. Raids were also carried out on bars, restaurants and hotels were migrants were either held or forced to work, and immigration agents also targeted buses, trucks and other means of smuggling migrants.


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Reid, Schumer Hope GOP Has Learned To Reject Its Base

From Breitbart:

Senate Democrats: Hope House GOP Learns To Reject ‘Playbook Of The Right Wing’

By Caroline May | March 3, 2015

Senate Democrats took a victory lap Tuesday afternoon as House Republicans prepared to vote on a Department of Homeland Security bill that’s free of provisions blocking President Obama’s executive amnesty.

“Hopefully, hopefully Speaker Boehner will realize after this debate that the path toward legislative and political [success] runs through Democrats, not through the far-right fringe of his caucus,” Sen. Chuck Schumer (R-NY) told reporters…

Isn’t it amazing how ‘the path to legislation’ has changed? It certainly didn’t run through the Republicans when they were the minority.

Lessons learned were a key phrase among Senate Democratic leadership, arguing at a press conference that they hoped House Republicans would steer away from similar cliffs.


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Boehner To House GOP: ‘We Need To Support Each Other’

From Breitbart:

Boehner Tells House Republicans: ‘We All Need To Be Team Players And Support Each Other’

By Matthew Boyle | March 3, 2015

Washington, DC — A solid majority of House Republicans — 167 in all — rejected a call for GOP unity from Speaker John Boehner earlier on Tuesday, a sign of his slipping grip on power in the House after he flip-flopped to support President Barack Obama’s executive amnesty by providing funding for it.

“We all need to be team players and support each other,” Boehner told House Republicans, according to a House GOP aide, in regards to his new efforts to pass a Department of Homeland Security (DHS) funding bill that doesn’t block Obama’s executive amnesty.

“We all need to be team players and support each other"?


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Republican’ts Cave, Pass DHS Bill With Obama’s Amnesty

From a smirking Associated Press:

Congress sends Homeland bill to Obama without conditions

By ERICA WERNER and DAVID ESPO | March 3, 2015

WASHINGTON (AP) — Bitterly admitting defeat, the Republican-controlled Congress sent legislation to President Barack Obama on Tuesday that funds the Department of Homeland Security without any of the immigration-related concessions they demanded for months.

We’re not sure how ‘bitter’ the GOP leadership is about this. It seems to us that Messrs. McConnell and Boehner couldn’t wait to cave. In fact, Mr. Boehner has been turning to his Nancy Pelosi to help him with his this and his other ‘cavings.’

Obama promised to sign the bill as soon as he received it, while criticizing Congress for taking "far too long" to pass it.


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All-Women’s School Offers 10 Different ‘Gender Identities’

From Campus Reform:

All-women’s school lets students choose between 10 different gender identities

By Yvonne Dean-Bailey | Mar 02, 2015

Scripps College, an all-women’s school, now allows students to pick their own gender in an online portal. Students are able to pick from 10 sets of preferred pronouns professors must adhere to, including “none” or “just say my name.” Scripps, located in southern California, recently began allowing men who identify as women to attend the school.

They still don’t quite match FaceBook’s 58 choices. In fact, it doesn’t look like they even have a ‘fill in the blank option.’

Scripps College students will now be able to choose between 10 different gender pronouns in their class portal so professors may address them based on their preferred pronoun.  The school notified the students of the change via a campus-wide email in the middle of February explaining the decision and the new options for gender identity that will be provided for both student and professors.



SEIU Poll: GOP Risks Backlash If SCOTUS Strikes Subsidies

From CNBC:

GOP risks political backlash from Obamacare case: Poll

Dan Mangan | March 2, 2015

It might be a bittersweet victory for Republican leaders if the Supreme Court rules the way their party wants it to in a huge legal challenge to Obamacare that threatens financial aid to people in two-thirds of the United States, a new poll suggests.

The survey, commissioned by a major labor union that supports Obamacare, shows that even as the Affordable Care Act continues to be viewed unfavorably by many people, a majority of them would strongly disapprove of eliminating federal tax credits that help more than 6 million HealthCare.gov customers pay their insurance premiums.

Hilarious. Even the SEIU has to admit that most people still don’t like Obama-Care.


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