La Raza CEO: USA Chants Make Me Angry And Outraged

From Breitbart:

La Raza CEO: ‘USA! USA!’ Chants ‘Made Me Angry’

By Tony Lee | July 23, 2014

La Raza President and CEO Janet Murguia said it sickened her to hear Americans against illegal immigration chanting "USA! USA!" at protests around the country.

Singling out the Murrieta demonstrators during her keynote address at La Raza’s annual conference in Los Angeles on Monday, Murguia accused them of having "cloaked their hatred in patriotism" by shouting "’USA! USA!’ again and again."

"It made me angry," she said. "In fact, I was outraged."

Ms. Murguia just sounds like a typical Democrat. They hate all displays of affection for America.

Murguia demanded that the estimated 11 million illegal immigrants who are currently here receive amnesty and said the road to the White House for Republicans goes through the Latino community and La Raza.


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ACLU May Sue CA Town For Not Accepting Illegal Aliens

From the Associated Press:

California city rejects child immigrant shelter

July 23, 2014

ESCONDIDO, Calif. (AP) — A north San Diego suburb’s planning commission on Tuesday ratified its rejection of a proposed 96-bed shelter for unaccompanied immigrant children who are arrested by the Border Patrol, while the American Civil Liberties Union said it was mulling a legal challenge.

Naturally. After all, illegal aliens have the civil right to live anywhere they want in the US,and US citizens have no right to stop them.

That is how the ACLU protects American civil liberties, day in an day out. (For the real agenda behind the ACLU, see the quote from its founder, Roger Baldwin, that is posted below this article.)

About 200 people packed into City Hall chambers, and a large, overflow crowd cheered and jeered below an outdoor speaker as Escondido commissioners heard impassioned pleas, mostly from people urging them to reconsider.


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90% Of Illegal Alien Kids Aren’t Showing Up For Hearings

From a gobsmacked Dallas Morning News:

Migrant children are no-shows at Dallas immigration hearings

By DIANNE SOLÍS | July 22, 2014

The youths were among 20 from Honduras, El Salvador and Guatemala who were set to appear in federal immigration court Tuesday for initial deportation hearings. But they weren’t there — 18 of the children whose cases were set to be heard didn’t show up Tuesday for court.

It was an absentee rate that federal Immigration Judge Michael Baird said was “highly unusual,” so high that he reset the hearings for Aug. 11 rather than possibly issuing a deportation order.

Judge Baird is probably mistaken. 18 out of 20 is 90%. Which many other reports have said is the average rate for no shows for deportation hearings.



Obama ‘Encouraging’ ICE Officers To Slack Off Their Jobs

From National Review:

Obama Gives ICE the Cold Shoulder

Sources say immigration agents believe the federal government is deliberately not giving them work.

By Ryan Lovelace | July 21, 2014

Some ICE officials think the Obama administration has intentionally neglected to give them orders to support efforts to resolve the crisis on America’s southwestern border, says Ronald Colburn, former national deputy chief of the U.S. Border Patrol…

“They’re sitting still at their desks — reading newspapers, playing video games on their government computers — because they’re not being tasked with work, and they feel like it’s coming all the way down from the top,” Colburn tells NRO. “These are guys that do want to go out more, but basically they’re not.” Colburn says some ICE agents go work out at the gym for four hours each day because they have little work to do.


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Obama Has Sent Team To Assess Need For NG On Border

From Reuters:

Exclusive: Obama sends team to Texas to assess need for National Guard deployment

By Jeff Mason | July 23, 2014

SAN FRANCISCO (Reuters) – President Barack Obama has sent a team to Texas to assess whether a U.S. National Guard deployment would help to handle an immigration crisis at the Mexican border, White House officials told Reuters on Wednesday, having so far resisted Republican calls for such a move. The team, made up of officials from the Department of Defense and the Department of Homeland Security, departed on Tuesday and will be on the ground through Thursday.

And never mind that, according to even the Washington Post, Obama has known about the border problem since before the 2012 elections.

But, hopefully, Obama’s next decisive step will be to create a blue-ribbon panel of carefully selected experts to study whether there is a problem.



AP Does Sob Story On Family Deported Back To Honduras

From a positively tear-soaked Associated Press:

Honduran families deported back to a bleak future

By SONIA PEREZ D. [sic] | July 23, 2014

TOCOA, Honduras (AP) — Elsa Ramirez already had lost two brothers to violence in this remote Caribbean region when co-workers handling clandestine cocaine flights from South America murdered her husband four months ago. Then the killers came looking for her.

Why? We are never told. But somehow we very strongly suspect that her husband was a drug dealer. Which could be why there is so much violence in Honduras.

Ramirez had seen Facebook messages and heard from relatives that mothers travelling to the United States with children would be allowed to stay if they made it across the border, so she took off for the North with her 8-year-old, Sandra, and 5-year-old Cesar, named for his dead father.



Ukraine Begged US, NATO For Missile Defense Equipment

From Eli Lake at the Daily Beast:

Exclusive: Ukraine Asked U.S. for Tech to Counter Russia’s Jet-Killers

Last month, Ukraine quietly asked the United States and NATO for sensitive equipment to jam the radars that Russian anti-aircraft systems use to lock their missiles on planes.

By Eli Lake | July 23, 2014

As the United States and NATO last month began to publicly acknowledge the sophisticated Russian anti-aircraft systems moving into rebel held areas of eastern Ukraine, the government in Kiev asked for gear that might be used to counter those weapons.

According to a former senior U.S. defense official who has worked closely with Ukraine’s military and a former head of state who has consulted with the government there, Kiev last month requested the radar jamming and detection equipment necessary to evade and counter the anti-aircraft systems Moscow was providing the country’s separatists…

Philip Karber, a former strategy adviser to Secretary of Defense Caspar Weinberger, has conducted detailed assessments of the country’s military since the crisis began this year.


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Commander Acknowledges ‘Separatists’ Had BUK Missile

From Reuters:

Exclusive: Ukraine rebel commander acknowledges fighters had BUK missile

By Anton Zverev | July 23, 2014

DONETSK Ukraine (Reuters) – A powerful Ukrainian rebel leader has confirmed that pro-Russian separatists had an anti-aircraft missile of the type Washington says was used to shoot down Malaysia Airlines flight MH17 and it could have originated in Russia.

In an interview with Reuters, Alexander Khodakovsky, commander of the Vostok Battalion, acknowledged for the first time since the airliner was brought down in eastern Ukraine on Thursday that the rebels did possess the BUK missile system and said it could have been sent back subsequently to remove proof of its presence.

Maybe the Obama administration will now admit as much. But why didn’t Reuters ask him who shot down the two Ukrainian fighter jets?


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Dems Attack National Guard Plan, Say Border Is Secure

From The Hill:

Dems push back against deploying National Guard to border

By Mike Lillis | July 22, 2014

House Democrats are lining up in staunch opposition to the Republicans’ push to send the National Guard to the southern border… "The last thing we want to do is to put armed troops on the border," Rep. Loretta Sanchez (D-Calif.) told MSNBC Tuesday. "That is not the purpose of our military."

Really? We thought that was the primary purpose of the military. Apparently, our copy of the Constitution is outdated. (By the way, lest we forget, Ms. Sanchez is only in Congress because of ballot stuffing by La Raza.)

"It is a costly misuse of our highly skilled National Guard to demand its service as a mere referral agent for children seeking refuge from abuse," Rep.



Illegal Aliens Entering TX Outpaces Babies Born In TX

From Breitbart:

Texas State Sen: More Illegals Enter than People Born in State Each Week

By Tony Lee | July 21, 2014

Each week, more illegal immigrants enter Texas than people who are born in the state during the same time period. On Monday’s The Laura Ingraham Show, Dan Patrick, the Texas state Senator who is the Republican candidate for lieutenant governor, said two weeks ago, Border Patrol agents "apprehended almost 10,000 people crossing the border, in one week."

"Every week, week after week, we’ve been averaging for the last year apprehending between six and ten thousand people a week," Patrick said hours before Texas Gov… "If we apprehend eight or nine thousand a week, that’s more people than are born in Texas each week."

It’s just another way in which the Democrats are turning Texas blue.


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Border Is Secure – 192 Smugglers Arrested In 1 Month!

From Reuters:

U.S. announces arrests in border crackdown on human smuggling

By Peter Cooney | July 22, 2014

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – U.S. officials have made almost 200 arrests and seized more than $625,000 in illicit profits in a month-long crackdown on human smuggling in response to an influx of illegal immigration into Texas, the Department of Homeland Security said on Tuesday.

Wow! "Almost 200 arrests" in one month?! But why didn’t anyone ever think of arresting these smugglers before now?

Meanwhile, even according to the White House’s most rosy figures, an average of 2,000 unaccompanied illegal alien children came across the border on a weekly basis in June. And we know that illegal alien ‘families’ are coming across in equal if not higher numbers.


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Investigators Got Obama-Care Subsidies With Fake IDs

From a shameless Associated Press:

Agents get subsidized ‘Obamacare’ using fake IDs

July 23, 2014

WASHINGTON (AP) — Undercover investigators using fake identities were able to secure taxpayer-subsidized health insurance under President Barack Obama’s health care law. The weak link in the system seemed to be call centers that handled applications for thousands of consumers unable to get through online.

This is a blatant lie that is even contradicted later in this article. (When we learn that 11 of the 18 attempts were successful online. Six more were successful, via calling the call centers)

The nonpartisan Government Accountability Office was to tell a House committee on Wednesday that its investigators were able to get subsidized health care under fake names in 11 out of 18 attempts.


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HSS Exempts Territories From Obama-Care Mandates

From the Wall Street Journal:

Territories Free of ObamaCare

The White House issues another illegal exemption.

July 21, 2014

Last week’s burst of world disorder was ideal for a news dump, and the White House didn’t disappoint: On no legal basis, all 4.5 million residents of the five U.S. territories were quietly released from ObamaCare…

The original House and Senate bills that became the Affordable Care Act included funding for insurance exchanges in these territories, as President Obama promised when as a Senator he campaigned in Puerto Rico, the Virgin Islands and other 2008 Democratic primaries. But the $14.5 billion in subsidies for the territories were dumped in 2010 as ballast when Democrats needed to claim the law reduced the deficit.

So, since they were not eligible for mandates, the 4.5 million residents of the territories were also not required to buy insurance via the individual or employer mandate.



Judge’s Pizza Analogy Gets Obama-Care Law Backwards

From the Politico:

Judge interprets Obamacare with pizza order

By JOSH GERSTEIN | July 22, 2014

Could pizza be the key to understanding Congress’s intent in a disputed section of the Obamacare law? One of the judges who ruled on the issue Tuesday seemed to think so…

"If I ask for pizza from Pizza Hut for lunch but clarify that I would be fine with a pizza from Domino’s, and I then specify that I want ham and pepperoni on my pizza from Pizza Hut, my friend who returns from Domino’s with a ham and pepperoni pizza has still complied with a literal construction of my lunch order," Senior 4th Circuit Judge Andre Davis wrote in a concurring opinion…

"That is this case: Congress specified that Exchanges should be established and run by the states, but the contingency provision permits federal officials to act in place of the state when it fails to establish an Exchange.



Remember How Obama Stacked The DC Circuit Court?

From the August 2013 archives of Fox News:

Conservatives accuse Obama of packing key court to ‘rubber stamp’ agenda

By Barnini Chakraborty | August 24, 2013

Forget the debt drama. The real showdown in Washington is over President Obama’s alleged push to stack the bench on a key D.C. court — which Republicans say could be used to "rubber stamp" his agenda long after he leaves office.

At issue is the U.S. Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit, just down the street from its better-known Supreme Court cousin. The court is considered the second-most powerful in the land — right behind the Supreme Court — because it has final say on most federal regulations. Since regulations are drafted and issued in D.C., they end up before the court once they’re challenged…

Lest we forget, at that time the DC Circuit was becoming famous for striking down many of Obama’s regulations.


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