Obama-Care Insurers Discriminate Against AIDS Patients

From Reuters:

Some Obamacare insurers discriminate against AIDS patients: study

By Sharon Begley | January 29, 2015

NEW YORK (Reuters) – Some insurers selling policies under Obamacare may be structuring drug coverage in a way that dissuades people with HIV-AIDS from becoming their customers, according to a study published on Wednesday in the New England Journal of Medicine…

Some [insurance companies]… have found a way to discriminate [against patients with expensive pre-conditions], wrote researchers at the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health, "resorting to other tactics to dissuade high-cost patients" from enrolling.

Traditionally, insurers use formularies [sic], lists of covered drugs and their out-of-pocket costs, to steer patients toward generic drugs or medicine for which a company has negotiated a favorable price. But formularies can be structured to put off people with pre-existing conditions, said co-author Ben Sommers.


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Treasury: 6M Will Pay O-Care Penalty, 30M Will Be Exempt

From a seemingly short term memory deficient CNN:

Millions to owe Obamacare tax penalty

By Tami Luhby | January 28, 2015

NEW YORK (CNNMoney) Were you uninsured in 2014? It’s time to pay the piper! Some 3 million to 6 million Americans will have to pay an Obamacare tax penalty for not having health insurance last year, Treasury officials said Wednesday. It’s the first time they have given estimates for how many people will be subject to a fine.

Wait a cotton picking minute. We were told for years that anywhere from 30 to 40 million Americans did not have health insurance. And now,Obama-Care has (supposedly) provided insurance for 7 to 10 million people. Many of whom, if not most, previously had insurance. (See the latest ‘numbers’ in the second story below.)

So how is it possible that only 3 to 6 million will have to pay the fine for not having insurance?



Lynch: Illegals Have Same Right To Work That Citizens Do

From Breitbart:

Loretta Lynch: Illegal Aliens Have Right To Work As Much As American Citizens

By Matthew Boyle | 28 Jan 2015

President Barack Obama’s nominee to replace Eric Holder as Attorney General of the United States, Loretta Lynch, said on Wednesday during a Senate Judiciary Committee confirmation hearing that she thinks illegal aliens have the same right to work in America as American citizens do.

“Senator, I believe the right and the obligation to work is one that is shared by everyone in this country, regardless of how they came here,” Lynch said when asked by Sen. Jeff Sessions (R-AL) who has a greater right to work: Illegal aliens, or lawful immigrants and American citizens?

The really shocking thing is that Ms. Lynch said that people have an obligation to work.


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ICE Now Has To Ask Illegals If They Qualify For Amnesty

From a seemingly surprised Associated Press:

Govt tells agents to ID which immigrants not to deport

By ALICIA A. CALDWELL | January 28, 2015

WASHINGTON (AP) — The Obama administration has ordered immigration agents to ask immigrants they encounter living in the country illegally whether they might qualify under President Barack Obama’s plans to avoid deporting them, according to internal training materials obtained by The Associated Press.

So now we are doing Miranda warnings to illegals? ‘Thanks to El Presidente Obama, you may have the right to remain in our country — even though you are in our country illegally…’

Agents also have been told to review government files to identify any jailed immigrants they might be able to release under the program.

In case anyone still doubts that the previous releases of illegal alien criminals with convictions of murder and rape were due to sequester cuts — or were an accident.


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Obama Drops His Plan To Tax 529 College Savings Funds

From CNN:

White House drops 529 college savings proposal

By Jim Acosta | January 28, 2015

(CNN) The White House is giving up on a costly fight with Congress over the Obama administration’s increasingly unpopular proposal to effectively end 529 college savings plans. A White House official confirmed the move on Tuesday as fierce opposition to the provision was building in Congress, even among fellow Democrats.

"Given it has become such a distraction, we’re not going to ask Congress to pass the 529 provision so that they can instead focus on delivering a larger package of education tax relief," the official said…

You see? Obama’s plan to tax the previously tax exempt 529 college savings plan was part of his "larger package of education tax relief."

The reversal was a clear signal the White House had underestimated the popularity of the college savings plans and the backlash any proposal to end the program would cause…

No, Obama over-estimated how much class warfare there is in the US.


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Google Helped Pick Questions YouTubers Asked Obama

From BuzzFeed News:

Google Helped Choose The Questions YouTube Stars Asked Obama

The company is a huge supporter of President Obama and his administration.

By Evan McMorris-Santoro | January 26, 2015

WASHINGTON — Google was directly involved in choosing the questions President Obama was asked by three YouTube stars last Thursday. One of the personalities, Hank Green, the creator of educational science videos, wrote Sunday that Google pushed him to ask tougher questions in his post–State of the Union interview with Obama.

We’re just surprised none of the YouTube ‘stars’ have turned out to be former (or current) Democrat staffers.

“After I sent Google my first list of questions, they got back to me pushing me to drop the soft balls,” he wrote on the website Medium…

Maybe Google should run the White House Press Corps.


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Raul Castro Demands Gitmo And Compensation From US

From an unfazed Associated Press:

Raul Castro: US must return Guantanamo for normal relations


SAN JOSE, Costa Rica (AP) — Cuban President Raul Castro demanded on Wednesday that the United States return the U.S. base at Guantanamo Bay, lift the half-century trade embargo on Cuba and compensate his country for damages before the two nations re-establish normal relations.

Is that all? He didn’t demand a lifetime supply of foot massages, as well? Still, who didn’t see this coming?

Castro told a summit of the Community of Latin American and Caribbean States that Cuba and the U.S. are working toward full diplomatic relations but "if these problems aren’t resolved, this diplomatic rapprochement wouldn’t make any sense." …

It will make even less sense if the US were to pay compensation for an embargo that was started because of Cuba’s outright theft of untold billions of dollars of assets from American companies and American private citizens after the ‘revolution.’

Castro’s government has increasingly linked the negotiations with the U.S.


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Al Jazeera Bans The Terms ‘Terrorist,’ ‘Militant,’ ‘Islamist’

From National Review:

Internal Emails Show Al Jazeera English Banning Use of Terms ‘Terrorist,’ ‘Militant,’ ‘Islamist’

By Brendan Bordelon | January 27, 2015

Shortly after news broke of a deadly January 27 attack by Islamic terrorists on a hotel in Libya’s capital, Al Jazeera English executive Carlos van Meek shot out an email to his employees. “All: We manage our words carefully around here,” the network’s head of output wrote to staff at the Doha-based news channel’s New York and Washington, D.C. newsrooms. “So I’d like to bring to your attention some key words that have a tendency of tripping us up.”

In an email obtained by National Review Online, van Meek warned the network’s journalists against the use of terms including “terrorist,” “militant,” “Islamist” and “jihad.” “One person’s terrorist is another person’s freedom fighter,” the Al Jazeera executive wrote.


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Muslim Brotherhood Leaders Met With State Department

From the Washington Free Beacon:

Muslim Brotherhood-Aligned Leaders Hosted at State Department

By Adam Kredo | January 28, 2015

The State Department hosted a delegation of Muslim Brotherhood-aligned leaders this week for a meeting about their ongoing efforts to oppose the current government of President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi of Egypt, who rose to power following the overthrow of Mohamed Morsi, an ally of the Brotherhood, in 2013.

It’s a wonder Mr. Obama didn’t meet with them as well. (Presuming he didn’t.) He certainly would rather meet with them than with Mr. Netanyahu. Anyway, lest we forget, President al-Sisi happens is one of the few (if only) Muslim leaders to say that Islam has to change and become less extreme and less violent.

One member of the delegation, a Brotherhood-aligned judge in Egypt, posed for a picture while at Foggy Bottom in which he held up the Islamic group’s notorious four-finger Rabia symbol, according to his Facebook page… [Waleed] Sharaby, the Brotherhood-aligned judge, flashed the Islamist group’s popular symbol in his picture at the State Department and wrote in a caption: “Now in the U.S.


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WH Insists Taliban Are ‘Armed Insurgency,’ Not Terrorists

From the Wall Street Journal:

White House Labels Taliban ‘Armed Insurgency,’ Not Terrorists

By Byron Tau | January 28, 2015

… Asked about a Jordanian plan to swap a would-be suicide bomber for a Jordanian pilot being held by Islamic State militants, the White House reiterated the longstanding policy of the U.S. to refuse negotiations with terrorists. “Our policy is that we don’t pay ransom, that we don’t give concessions to terrorist organizations,” White House spokesman Eric Schultz said Wednesday. “This is a longstanding policy that predates this administration and it’s also one that we communicated to our friends and allies across the world,” he added.

Mr. Schultz seems to be using the wrong tense there. That was US policy.

But the U.S. engaged in a similar prisoner swap with Afghanistan’s Taliban last year, releasing several Guantanamo Bay prisoners in exchange for the freedom of U.S.



Jordan Is Now Prepared To Do A ‘Prisoner Swap’ With ISIS

From the Wall Street Journal:

Jordan Prepared to Exchange Prisoner for Pilot Held by Islamic State

By Alexander Martin, Suha Ma’ayeh, Maria Abi-Habib | January 28, 2015

Jordan publicly offered to swap prisoners with Islamic State in a move that opened a path for saving two hostages through a route that has been rejected by the U.S. and other coalition allies.

Huh? Obama has blazed that ‘route’ with his swap of five Taliban terrorists for Bowe Bergdahl. Not to mention the ransom that is alleged to have been paid for the US writer, Peter Theo Curtis, who was held by ISIS. (A ransom probably paid by the US via Qatar.) And, lest we forget, Mr. Obama just swapped ‘prisoners’ with Cuba.

In an apparent response, Twitter accounts linked to the militant group distributed a new video in which a voice attributed to Japanese hostage Kenji Goto said Jordan must present the prisoner it is proposing to swap at the Turkish border by Thursday’s sunset local time…

It wasn’t clear from the message whether Islamic State was willing to release both hostages—Mr.


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Official Asked Disney To Use ‘Frozen’ To Teach AGW Hoax

From the National Journal:

State Department Official Wants Disney’s ‘Frozen’ to Teach Kids About Climate Change

By Clare Foran | January 23, 2015

A high-ranking State Department official wants to enlist Princess Elsa and a talking snowman to teach the American public about the Arctic.

Why not? Hitler had the German film industry make propaganda films for his party. Stalin and Mao and Castro all did the same. In fact, the only surprises here are 1) that Disney had to be asked. And 2) that Disney refused.

But it turns out they didn’t refuse because man-made global warming is a hoax based on lies. No, Disney refused because the story wouldn’t have a happy ending.

Adm. Robert Papp, the U.S. special representative for the Arctic, told an audience at the Arctic Frontiers conference in Norway this week that he met with a Disney executive to discuss raising awareness about the polar region using characters from the wildly popular movie Frozen…

"I said, you’ve taught an entire generation about the Arctic," Papp said, describing his exchange with the Disney executive.



Dems Block Passage Of Keystone Pipeline (Not Gridlock?)

From Reuters:

Senate blocks swift passage of Keystone XL pipeline bill

By Timothy Gardner and Richard Cowan | January 26, 2015

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – Democrats in the U.S. Senate blocked the Keystone XL pipeline bill from moving forward on Monday, but supporters of the project vowed to push ahead and eventually get a vote on the measure.

For the record, gas prices went up overnight for the first time in many months. And, in fact, they went up quite a bit. But don’t worry. We don’t need things like Keystone.

The Senate failed to get the 60 votes needed to limit debate, voting 53 to 39 on the measure…

Why not pass the bill via budget reconciliation, which only requires a 51 vote majority? And, if you don’t want to go that route, why not declare the bill filibuster proof, like Harry Reid did with all of Obama’s nominations?



Reuters: GOP Softening Its Message On Global Warming

From an ever hopeful Reuters:

On climate change, ‘not a scientist’ not enough for some U.S. Republicans

By Valerie Volcovici and Amanda Becker | January 26, 2015

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – Rick Perry’s… Jan. 15 speech… [touted] his environmental record, from lowering Texas’ carbon emissions to turning the state into a global leader in wind energy production… It was a greener message than the one he delivered ahead of his last presidential campaign, when he called climate change a "contrived phony mess," and it reflects an expectation among some in the party that voters in 2016 will want Republican candidates to develop a more sophisticated climate change message…

Translation: Reuters and the rest of the MSM are trying to convince the GOP leadership that they have to join the Democrats on yet another issue — manmade global warming.



Deflategate Probe Focusing On Locker Room Attendant

From Fox News:

NFL’s deflated footballs investigation reportedly focuses on Patriots locker room attendant

January 27, 2015

The NFL’s investigation into whether the New England Patriots used deliberately under-inflated footballs against the Indianapolis Colts in the AFC Championship game has focused on a locker room attendant at the Patriots’ stadium.

Sure, find a low level minimum wage employee to be the scapegoat.

Fox Sports reported Monday that the attendant could be seen on surveillance video bringing 12 balls supplied by the Patriots for use on offense into another room at Gillette Stadium after a pregame inspection by the game officials. Under NFL rules, each team must present their chosen footballs to the game officials for inspection and approval two hours and fifteen minutes before the start of each game.



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