Obama/Harf: US Won’t Enforce Iranian Arms Embargo

First, there is this via The Hill:

Obama: Iranian arms shipments to Yemen would be a problem

By Jordan Fabian | April 21, 2015 

President Obama on Tuesday warned Iran not to deliver weapons to Houthi rebels in Yemen, saying it would be a "problem" if an arms exchange occurred. 

Funny, but there is nothing in what Obama said that sounds anything like an actual warning.

"What we’ve said to them is that if there are weapons delivered to factions within Yemen that could threaten navigation, that’s a problem," Obama said in an interview with MSNBC’s Chris Matthews.

What the hell? There is a (supposed) UN embargo on any and all Iranian arms deals. Why is Obama talking about ‘threatening navigation’? Besides, how does giving weapons to their Houthis clients threaten navigation?


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Cal-Poly Protests Gendered Restrooms, Potty Privilege

From Campus Reform:

Students hold ‘shit-in’ for gender neutral bathrooms, tell peers to check ‘potty privilege’

By Gabriella Morrongiello | April 20, 2015

Students at California Polytechnic University recently held a “shit-in” to teach their peers about gender neutral bathrooms Last Tuesday, members of Cal Poly’s Queer Student Union began circulating a petition requesting that the university add “Gender Diversity” signs to existing “all-gender bathrooms” on campus.

Tuesday also kicked off the group’s three-day “shit-in” during which students were encouraged to only use gender neutral bathrooms on campus. “Put yourself in the shoes of a trans*/gender non-conforming student and take the pledge to use only all gender bathrooms,” states the group’s Facebook page.

According to the petition, the public university in San Luis Obispo, Calif.


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Feminists Feel ‘Unsafe’ With Conservative On Campus

From Campus Reform:

Feminist students feel ‘unsafe’ bringing female, conservative speaker to campus

By Kaitlyn Schallhorn | April 20, 2015 

Oberlin College feminists claim they “feel unsafe” because of an upcoming event featuring Christina Hoff Sommers, a noted scholar and author on modern feminism. In a public Facebook event page, the Oberlin College Republicans and Libertarians (OCRL) student group said Sommers will discuss “feminism from a perspective that differs from the general Oberlin population.”

What were they thinking? Nobody wants a different perspective. After all, this is a college. People pay good money to be indoctrinated in the correct perspective.

However, many female students at the Ohio school have taken over the comments section of the event page to express their disappointment in the group’s choice of Sommers as an event speaker.


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Menendez Co-Conspirator Often Hosted Bill & Hillary

From the New York Post:

Menendez co-‘conspirator’ hosted Bill and Hillary at vacation getaway

By Isabel Vincent, Melissa Klein and Jose Ernesto Devarez | April 20, 2015

The horndog [sic] eye surgeon indicted on corruption charges with Sen. Bob Menendez has hosted Bill and Hillary Clinton at a plush vacation getaway in the Dominican Republic. Dr. Salomon Melgen entertained the ex-president and ex-secretary of state, now running for president, an ex-Melgen employee said.

Were there enough under-aged girls for the both of them?

Melgen, 60, is accused of giving the New Jersey Democrat nearly $1 million in campaign cash and gifts in exchange for favors that included visas for a bevy of girlfriends… Patricia Goodman, Melgen’s former office administrator and personal assistant, told the Miami Herald in 2013 that the Clintons had vacationed at his villa in Casa de Campo, a luxury seaside resort in La Romana.


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Politico Profiles Woman Who Made Hillary Cry In NH

From a tear-soaked Politico:

The woman who made Hillary Clinton cry

By Michael Kruse | April 21, 2015

PORTSMOUTH, N.H. — Seven years ago, the last time Hillary Clinton came to this state trying to be president, a woman asked her a question here in a coffee shop. “How do you do it?” Marianne Pernold Young said. The more than a dozen other women on hand laughed a little. Young continued. “How do you, how do you … keep upbeat, and so wonderful?”

By “it,” Young said Monday, more than anything, she meant Clinton’s persistence. “It was a question about her keeping going, keeping at it,” after her defeat to Obama days before in the Iowa caucuses, but much deeper, too. Her difficult dual role as mother and bread-winning attorney.


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Hillary Un-Huhs 88 Times, Drove 92 MPH, Was Gamer

First, there is this via the Daily Caller:

Does Hillary Clinton Suffer From ‘Uh-huh’ Syndrome?

By Derek Hunter | April 20, 2015

The room was set up for the TV cameras, a U-shaped table set up with an open end opposite the candidate and “the boss” of the company for the best angle. The video caught the question and answer session, as it was meant to. But the microphones caught something more.

The candidate, former Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton, sat with six “everyday Americans” at a factory that makes toys and furniture for children and answered their questions on subjects ranging from the economy to Social Security.

During the questions and answers, the microphones captured what appears to be a nervous tic Mrs.


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Hillary Is ‘Surprised’ Small Businesses Are Struggling

From National Review:

Hillary Clinton ‘Surprised’ That Small Businesses Are Struggling

By Joel Gehrke | April 20, 2015

Hillary Clinton admitted today that she was “surprised” to learn that the people who told her small businesses have struggled in recent years were actually correct. Clinton noted that small business creation has “stalled out,” to her chagrin.

“I was very surprised to see that when I began to dig into it,” she said while campaigning in New Hampshire. “Because people were telling me this as I traveled around the country the last two years, but I didn’t know what they were saying and it turns out that we are not producing as many small businesses as we use to.”

The hell you say! (Has anyone shown her a supermarket check out scanner yet?) Still, hopefully once Hillary finds out about something, she will get as mad as Obama does when he finds out about something.


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Politico Fumes: NYT, WP ‘Dealt’ For Anti-Hillary Book

From an apoplectic Politico:

New York Times, Washington Post, Fox News strike deals for anti-Clinton research

By DYLAN BYERS | April 20, 2015

The New York Times, The Washington Post and Fox News have made exclusive agreements with a conservative author for early access to his opposition research on Hillary Clinton, a move that has confounded members of the Clinton campaign and some reporters…

The ‘reporters’ wouldn’t be confounded if the book were a hit piece on a Republican. In fact, they wouldn’t even have to be asked to do follow-up articles. 

But the Times, the Post and Fox have already made arrangements with author Peter Schweizer to pursue some of the material included in his book…

These kind of (usually empty) promises to write follow-up articles on a book in exchange for an advance preview are done all the time between news outlets and publishers.


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WH Won’t Deny Hillary Did Favors For Foreign Donors

From Breitbart:

White House: ‘Not a Lot Of Evidence’ on Clinton Foundation Charges

By Charlie Spiering | April 20, 2015

The White House is pushing back on reports about former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton that suggest she used her influence to personally enrich herself and her family’s charitable foundation.

For some reason people seem to be confused about the expression "pushing back." The White House spokes-flack Josh Earnest dodged questions about the charges. He didn’t deny them, let alone refute them.

Press Secretary Josh Earnest insisted that the Clinton Foundation was doing “excellent work all across the world” and pointed to a “memo of understanding” detailing ethical guidelines that Clinton agreed to when she accepted her position as Secretary of State.

And never mind that those ‘ethical guidelines’ were violated when: 1) Hillary’s foundation continued to accept foreign donations, even though she had promised Obama it wouldn’t.


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Foreign Bribes Have Made Clintons As Rich As Romney

From the New York Post:

Book claims foreign cash made Bill and Hillary filthy rich

By Bob Fredericks | April 20, 2015

Hillary Rodham Clinton used her clout as secretary of state to do favors for foreign donors who gave millions to her family foundation — and who paid millions more to her husband, Bill, in speaking fees, a new book charges. Records show that of the $105 million the former president raked in from speeches over 12 years, about half came during his wife’s four-year tenure at the State Department…

How cynical. What foreigners wouldn’t want to pay Bill fifty million to hear him tell old jokes and spout platitudes? It has nothing to do with buying influence.

One example of an alleged quid pro quo cited… involved the State Department’s backing of a free-trade agreement with Colombia that benefited a company founded by a big donor to the Clinton Foundation.


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Hillary Dismisses Foundation Charges As A ‘Distraction’

From an unquestioning Associated Press:

Clinton defends family foundation from charges of favoritism

By LISA LERER and KEN THOMAS | April 20, 2015

KEENE, N.H. (AP) — Hillary Rodham Clinton dismissed swirling questions about her family foundation Monday as little more than political attacks from Republicans eager to gain an early advantage in the 2016 presidential contest.

Well, okay then. It’s time to move on. But notice that the headline says Hillary defended the foundation from charges. She didn’t. She just called the charges a distraction. She didn’t try to refute them, probably because she can’t.

Clinton, campaigning for the Democratic nomination in the liberal bastion of Keene, pushed back against accusations that foreign governments that made donations to the Clintons’ charity received preferential treatment from the State Department while she served in the Obama administration.


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US Ships Go To Yemen To (Maybe) Block Iran Weapons

From a white knuckled (because they don’t want Obama’s nuke deal hampered) Associated Press:

US warship heads to Yemeni waters; could block Iran weapons

By LOLITA C. BALDOR | April 20, 2015

WASHINGTON (AP) — In a stepped-up response to Iranian backing of Shiite rebels in Yemen, the Navy aircraft carrier USS Theodore Roosevelt is steaming toward the waters off Yemen to beef up security and join other American ships that are prepared to intercept any Iranian vessels carrying weapons to the Houthi rebels…

Are we really sure Obama will allow these American ships to block the Iranians? That might make them so mad they walk away from his sweetheart deal.

But what a bizarre situation. Has there ever been a situation where a country is willing to trust a country to be responsible about nuclear weapons, but not their small arms conventional weapons.


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Egyptian Court Sentences Ex-Prez Morsi To 20 Years

From a tear soaked Associated Press:

Court sentences ousted Egypt president to 20 years in prison

By MAGGIE MICHAEL | April 21, 2015

CAIRO (AP) — An Egyptian criminal court on Tuesday sentenced ousted Islamist President Mohammed Morsi to 20 years in prison over the killing of protesters in 2012, the first verdict to be issued against the country’s first freely elected leader.

In reality, Egypt held ten ‘free’ elections during Egypt’s ‘Liberal Experiment’ period. (Between the ‘Declaration of 1922′ and the Revolution of 1952, when Abdul Nasser seized power.)

And more recently, Hosni Mubarak held free Presidential elections in 2005. Although there were accusations of voter fraud, just like there are in our country.

The ruling, which can be appealed, reflects the dramatic downfall of Morsi and the drastic challenges facing Egypt since its 2011 uprising that forced longtime autocrat Hosni Mubarak from power.


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Apple Vs Android Debate Ends With Stabbing By Illegal

From The Smoking Gun:

Smartphone Debate Ends With Stabbings

Apple vs. Android argument turned violent, police report

APRIL 17, 2015

Tulsa, OK — A drunken argument over whether Android or Apple smartphones were superior turned violent early today when two Oklahoma roommates began assaulting each other during the bloody telecommunications debate.

Alcohol and tech discussions do not mix.

According to Tulsa police, Jiaro Mendez and Elias Acevedo were outside their apartment around 1 AM when their phone quarrel moved to the stabbing stage.

As they tussled in a parking lot, Acevedo allegedly struck Mendez in the back of the head with a beer bottle. When cops subsequently apprehended Acevedo, he was “covered in blood” and “also had several lacerations on his body from the fight.”

Both men were treated for cuts and bruises at a local hospital, where Mendez told police that the pair had been “arguing about which phone was better, the iPhone or the Android.”

Acevedo… was booked into the county jail for felony assault with a deadly weapon.



Anthony Weiner A Media Analyst, Carville A TV Judge?

From Mediaite:

Wait, Anthony Weiner’s a Political Media Analyst Now?

By Evan McMurry | April 19, 2015

Anthony Weiner — yes, that Anthony Weiner — talked to Reliable Sources host Brian Stelter Sunday morning about Hillary Clinton’s road trip to Iowa in the now infamous Scooby van, which he said bespoke of the unexpected in comparison GOP’s candidate’s staged events, and said the media was focusing on arcane or frivolous details that mattered only to the insider types, not to voters.

If you’re thinking, “Wait, Anthony Weiner’s a media critic now?” you’re not alone. You may also be thinking: isn’t Huma Abedin, Weiner’s long-suffering wife, also Hillary Clinton’s long-suffering aide, and wasn’t she actually in said Scooby van during the trip? The answer to both is yes.


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