Dallas To Declare Disaster And Impose New Restrictions

From the NBC Dallas/Ft Worth affiliate, KXAS:

Disaster Declaration Planned for Ebola Fight

By Frank Heinz | October 16, 2014

Dallas County Commissioners will hold a special meeting Thursday at 2 p.m. to declare a disaster over "the potential for widespread or severe damage, injury, loss or threat of life resulting from the Ebola virus."

The declaration could help officials impose new travel restrictions on health care workers who may have cared for the first Dallas Ebola patient, Thomas Eric Duncan.

Dallas County Judge Clay Jenkins said Dallas County Medical Director Dr. Christopher Perkins will sign a control order that will follow the minimum guidelines outlined by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, blocking those being monitored for Ebola symptoms from using public transportation, including buses and airliners.


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Schools In Texas And Ohio Close Due To Ebola Concerns

From the Associated Press:

3 Texas schools close due to Ebola concerns

October 16, 2014

BELTON, Texas – A Central Texas school district has temporarily closed three of its campuses after two of its students traveled on the same flight as a nurse who has since been diagnosed with Ebola.

The Belton Independent School District campuses and some school buses will be disinfected on Thursday. The superintendent announced the closures of North Belton Middle School, Sparta Elementary and the Belton Early Childhood School late Wednesday.

The students’ parents are keeping them home voluntarily for 21 days…

What a break for them.

From the Fox Cleveland affiliate, WJW:

Two Solon schools closed Thursday due to Ebola concerns

By Kara Sutyak | October 16, 2014 

SOLON, Ohio – Two Solon schools are closed Thursday as a precaution, after the district learned a Solon Middle School staff member traveled home from Dallas on Frontier Airlines Tuesday on a different flight, but possibly the same aircraft, as Amber Vinson, the 29-year-old Dallas nurse who traveled through Cleveland and was later diagnosed with Ebola…

In other words, the staff member may have been on one of the five flights the plane made after Vinson’s flight.


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Nurse Vinson Got Permission From CDC To Board Flight

From CBS News:

2nd nurse with Ebola called CDC before boarding flight

By Jonathan LaPook, Scott Pelley | October 15, 2014

In the case of Amber Vinson, the Dallas nurse who flew commercially as she was becoming ill with Ebola, one health official said "somebody dropped the ball."

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said that Vinson called the agency several times before flying, saying that she had a fever with a temperature of 99.5 degrees. But because her fever wasn’t 100.4 degrees or higher, she didn’t officially fall into the group of "high risk" and was allowed to fly…

She probably called several times because she couldn’t believe their answer.  By the way, the fact that Thomas Duncan was sent home from the ER when he had a temperature of 99.5 degrees is supposed to have been a crime against humanity.


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Houston Tells Pastors: Turn Over Sermons To Gay Mayor

From Fox News:

City of Houston demands pastors turn over sermons

By Todd Starnes | October 14, 2014

… The city of Houston has issued subpoenas demanding a group of pastors turn over any sermons dealing with homosexuality, gender identity or Annise Parker, the city’s first openly lesbian mayor. And those ministers who fail to comply could be held in contempt of court.

“The city’s subpoena of sermons and other pastoral communications is both needless and unprecedented,” Alliance Defending Freedom attorney Christina Holcomb said in a statement. “The city council and its attorneys are engaging in an inquisition designed to stifle any critique of its actions.”

ADF, a nationally-known law firm specializing in religious liberty cases, is representing five Houston pastors. They filed a motion in Harris County court to stop the subpoenas arguing they are “overbroad, unduly burdensome, harassing, and vexatious.” “Political and social commentary is not a crime,” Holcomb said.



Oregon Governor Fiancée Once Owned Planned Pot Farm

From a forgiving CNN:

Oregon Gov. John Kitzhaber’s fiancee says she once planned a pot farm

By Susanna Capelouto | October 14, 2014

(CNN) — The fiancee of Oregon Gov. John Kitzhaber lived on property that was to be used for growing marijuana, and married an illegal immigrant for money during a period in her life when she was "associating with the wrong kind of people and making mistakes," according to a statement she released Tuesday.

Hey, by Oregon standards, she’s an upstanding entrepreneur. What could be more praiseworthy than making a buck getting an illegal alien into the country? Or making a buck growing pot, even though it was illegal at the time?

Cylvia Hayes, 47, admitted to living on a property in Okanogan, Oregon, in 1997 that was supposed to become a marijuana growing operation, but she said it never materialized…

Did it go up in smoke?


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The Hill Just Can’t Figure Out Where Obama Went Wrong

From The Hill:

Where did it go wrong for Obama?

By Amie Parnes | October 15, 2014

Fewer than two years ago, President Obama was elected handily to his second term, becoming the first Democrat since FDR to twice win an outright majority of the popular vote.

Bill Clinton, officially the most beloved Democrat of all time, never won the majority of the popular vote once.

Now, Democrats in competitive Senate races hope he stays as far away as possible, previous heartlands of support such as Iowa have turned against him and his approval ratings are languishing in the low 40s — sometimes lower.

What could have caused such an upsurge in racism across the fruited plain?

Political observers, from former Obama aides to staffers who served in previous administrations, say something is going to have to change if the president is to achieve anything at all in his last two years in office…

Someone is going to have to tell a better story.


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Bush Got More Campaign Requests Than He Could Meet

From Breitbart:

In 2006 Bush Received More Requests To Campaign With Republicans Than He Could Meet

By Debra Heine | October 14, 2014

During the 2006 campaign season, President Bush was seen as a drag on Republican candidates. With his approval rating hovering in the low forties, it was considered politically risky to be seen with the president.

Despite that, in October of 2006, Bush wasn’t so unpopular that candidates were unwilling to be seen with him.

The Los Angeles Times reported on October 1, 2006 that he the "Fundraiser in Chief" was still in demand.

Bush will spend more time campaigning for GOP candidates in these weeks before election day, aides said. The White House continues to receive more requests for Bush’s time as a campaigner than he can meet, said Deputy Press Secretary Dana Perino.


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WP/ABC Poll: Democrat Party Favorability At 30-Year Low

From the Washington Post:

The Democratic Party hits a 30-year low

By Aaron Blake October 15, 2014

The Democratic Party is held in worse regard than at any point in the past 30 years, according to a new poll. The poll, from the Washington Post and ABC News, shows 39 percent of Americans now have a favorable impression of the blue team, while 51 percent have an unfavorable impression. Both are new records.

Through it all, of course, Democrats continue to have a better image than their GOP counterparts, whose favorable/unfavorable split with the American people is currently 33/56.

We will see how true this last part is in just a couple weeks. We suspect a lot of people are afraid to admit that they don’t hate the GOP when talking to the storm troopers from the DNC, that is, the news media.


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Guatemalan Prez Wants Billions To Stem Flood Of Illegals

From Reuters:

U.S. should stump up billions to curb Central America migration: Perez

By Dave Graham and Sofia Menchu | October 14, 2014

GUATEMALA CITY (Reuters) – The United States should provide billions of dollars to help Central American nations curb the flow of illegal migrants, Guatemalan President Otto Perez said, and his government warns the problem will get worse if Washington fails to help.

We believe this is what people in law enforcement call ‘extortion.’ Others might just call it blackmail.

Last month, [Honduras, Guatemala and El Salvador] pitched Washington an ambitious development plan to confront the issue.

They want to pump about $10 billion into the region to create jobs and lift living standards, with the bulk of funding coming from the United States, Perez told Reuters.



New Charges Brought Against Benghazi Attacks Suspect

From the Associated Press:

US brings new indictment against Libyan militant in 2012 Benghazi attacks

By ERIC TUCKER and PETE YOST | October 14, 2014

WASHINGTON (AP) — A Libyan militant already behind bars was indicted Tuesday on new charges arising from the 2012 Benghazi attacks, including crimes punishable by the death penalty, the Justice Department said…

Abu Khattala, 43, the first militant to be prosecuted for the Benghazi violence, had initially been charged with conspiracy to provide material support to terrorists, resulting in death. U.S. officials had described that initial, one-count indictment as a placeholder to allow for him to be brought into court and for a grand jury to hear more evidence.

That also gave them the leeway to only charge him with these lesser crimes if he cooperated and identified the other attackers.



NYT: DOD Withheld Info About Iraq’s Chemical Weapons

From Fox News:

Pentagon withheld information about decades-old chemical weapons during Iraq War, report claims

October 15, 2014

American troops were exposed to chemical weapons multiple times in the years following the 2003 invasion of Iraq, while the Pentagon kept their discoveries of the expired or degraded weapons secret from investigators, fellow soldiers, and military doctors, according to a published report.

The New York Times reported late Tuesday that American troops reported finding approximately 5,000 chemical warheads, shells, or aviation bombs in the years following the 2003 invasion of Iraq.

The NYT article is about has eight parts. It is over 20 computer pages (including photos) and over 10,000 words long. Which is ridiculously long, even by NYT standards.

On at least six occasions, soldiers were wounded by those weapons, which had been manufactured before 1991.


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Nurses Union: ‘There Were No Protocols’ for Dallas Case

From Breitbart:

Nurses Union: ‘There Were No Protocols’ for Dallas Ebola Case

14 Oct 2014

CNN’s Anderson Cooper reported that he received a statement from the National Nurses United that during the treatment of Dallas Ebola patient Thomas Eric Duncan, CDC guidelines “were constantly changing,” and “there were no protocols” on Tuesday’s “AC360” on CNN.

Cooper said that statement declared that “when Ebola patient Thomas Eric Duncan was here at Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital ‘the guidelines were constantly changing,’ and ‘there were no protocols.’”

He added that the vice president of National Nurses United reported that “the protective gear that nurses wore at first left their necks exposed.”  …

Hence the tape around the neck ‘protocol.’

[Cooper] also reported that “there are precious few facilities that are specially equipped to safely treat Ebola patients…there are just four of these centers in the United States” “if you’re thinking that these are hospitals with dozens or hundreds of beds each and that they can handle a real outbreak, well we’re learning something far different.”

CNN Special Investigations Unit Reporter Drew Griffin declared that there were only 19 beds total at these four facilities, but that because of logistical constraints at the facility in Omaha, the US really only has 11 beds.


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Nurses Union: Duncan Was Not Isolated, Waste Piled Up

Via Breitbart:

Nurses Union: Duncan Not Put In Isolation, Waste Piled Nearly Up to Ceiling

October 14, 2014

CNN Chief Medical Correspondent Dr. Sanjay Gupta reported on further allegations made by a nurses union that Dallas Ebola patient Thomas Eric Duncan was not put into isolation, allowed his blood to circulate through the hospital’s tube system, and that waste “piled up nearly to the ceiling” inside patient’s rooms on Tuesday’s “CNN Tonight.”

Gupta said that the National Nurses United [union] stated that they were informed by nurses that “Mr. Duncan was not in isolation. He was not in isolation for several hours, despite the fact that a nursing supervisor asked that he go into isolation, and that he may have come in contact with seven patients at that time.”

Presumably they are talking about while Mr.


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Second Dallas Hospital Worker Tests Positive For Ebola

From the Associated Press:

Texas dept.: 2nd person tests positive for Ebola


DALLAS (AP) — A second health care worker at a Dallas hospital who provided care for the first Ebola patient diagnosed in the U.S. has tested positive for the disease, the Texas Department of State Health Services said Wednesday.

The department said in a statement that the worker reported a fever Tuesday and was immediately isolated at Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital in Dallas. Health officials said the worker was among those who took care of Thomas Eric Duncan, who was diagnosed with Ebola after coming to the U.S. from Liberia. Duncan died Oct. 8.

The department said a preliminary Ebola test was conducted late Tuesday at a state public health laboratory in Austin, Texas, and came back positive during the night.


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Obama’s Columbus Day: ‘Violence, Disease, Deprivation’

From CNS News:

Obama’s Columbus Day Proclamation: History ‘Marred’ with ‘Violence, Disease, and Deprivation’

By Penny Starr | October 13, 2014

(CNSNew.com) – In a presidential action issued on Friday, proclaiming Oct. 13 as Columbus Day, President Barack Obama noted that a “new history” launched by Italian explorer Christopher Columbus’ discovery of the new world included the history of American Indians, which he said is “marred with long and shameful chapters of violence, disease, and deprivation.”

Was Mr. Obama talking about history after Columbus or his own tenure in office?

“In a new world, a history was written,” said Obama’s proclamation, required by a 1934 Congressional Joint Resolution. “It tells the story of an idea – that all women and men are created equal – and a people’s struggle to fulfill it.



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