Scientists Seek A Burp-less ‘Cow Of The Future’

From the Financial Times:

Scientists seek climate-friendly cow of the future

By Barney Jopson | April 8, 2014

Washington – A White House climate initiative has boosted a quixotic search for the “cow of the future”, a next-generation creature whose greenhouse gas emissions would be cut by anti-methane pills, burp scanners and gas backpacks.

Carbon dioxide from fossil fuels is the primary man-made gas warming the planet, but methane is far more potent and the US’s biggest source of it is its 88m cattle, which produce more than landfill sites, natural gas leaks or hydraulic fracturing.

In reality, the biggest source of methane in the atmosphere is Gaia herself. (Gaia farts!) Plate tectonics, and the resulting earthquakes and volcanoes — all release far more methane than cows ever could.


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Eric Holder: You Don’t Want To Go There, Buddy

From the Daily Caller:

Eric Holder explodes at GOP rep: ‘You don’t want to go there, buddy!’

By Caroline May | April 8, 2014

Attorney General Eric Holder exploded at Texas Republican Rep. Louie Gohmert during a House hearing Tuesday.

In the midst of questions about the Justice Department’s failure to divulge documents about the Holy Land Foundation terror funding trial, Gohmert made a side comment about how the House of Representatives found Holder in contempt in 2012 for refusing to turn over documents related to the Fast and Furious gun-running scandal.

“I realize that contempt is not a big deal to our attorney general, but it is important that we have proper oversight,” Gohmert said. “You don’t want to go there, buddy! You don’t want to go there, okay,” Holder shot back.


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Holder Claims Vast Discretion In Enforcing Laws

From The Hill:

Holder claims ‘vast amount’ of discretion in enforcing federal laws

By Benjamin Goad | April 08, 2014

Attorney General Eric Holder maintained Tuesday that he has a “vast amount” of discretion in how the Justice Department prosecutes federal law.

No kidding. But it’s no wonder that Holder Mr. feels that way, given the lead he is getting from Obama.

Holder’s remarks, during testimony before the House Judiciary Committee, came in response to GOP accusations that he is flouting the law with his department’s positions on marijuana legalization, criminal sentencing and a contentious provision of the president’s signature healthcare law.

Leading the questioning was House Judiciary Committee Chairman Bob Goodlatte (R-Va.), who asked Holder whether he believed there were any limits to the administration’s prosecutorial discretion.



Can’t Buy Health Insurance Until End Of The Year

From Fox News:

Latest ObamaCare surprise: Most won’t be able to buy health insurance until end of year

By Jim Angle | April 09, 2014

There is yet another ObamaCare surprise waiting for consumers: from now until the next open enrollment at the end of this year, most people will simply not be able to buy any health insurance at all, even outside the exchanges.

"It’s all closed down. You cannot buy a policy that is a qualified policy for the purpose of the ACA (the Affordable Care Act) until next year on January 1," says John DiVito, president of Flexbenefit which has 2,500 brokers.

John Goodman of the National Center for Policy Analysis in Dallas adds, "People are not going to be able to buy individual and family policies, and that’s part of ObamaCare.



CBO: Obama-Care Will Cost $2 Trillion Dollars

From the Washington Examiner:

How much does Obamacare actually cost?

By Philip Klein | APRIL 7, 2014

… How much does Obamacare actually cost?… [T]he Congressional Budget Office estimated this February that the cost would be slightly more than $2 trillion.

Isn’t it peculiar how our media guardians have avoided reporting on the cost of Obama-Care?

It’s important to keep in mind that there are several categories that have been generally cited as representing the cost of Obamacare: the gross cost, the net cost and the deficit effect.

When CBO analysts most recently looked at the gross cost of expanding Medicaid and giving subsidies to individuals to purchase insurance through the new exchanges — the bulk of the law’s spending — they came up with slightly more than $2 trillion for 2015 through 2024.



New ‘Enemies Of The State’: Medicare Doctors

From the Associated Press:

Database: Some docs getting millions from Medicare


WASHINGTON (AP) — Medicare paid a tiny group of doctors $3 million or more apiece in 2012. One got nearly $21 million. Those are among the findings of an Associated Press analysis of physician data released Wednesday by the Obama administration, part of a move to open the books on health care financing.

No, this is part of a move to open a war on Medicare and doctors. (Because taking $700 billion away from Medicare to give to Obama-Care still isn’t enough.)

You see, the Medicare fees are far too costly. And that’s money that could be going to Obama’s base, via Obama-Care, or better yet, Medicaid.


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Atlantic: Obama Lets Seniors Keep ‘Gym Perks’

From the Atlantic Magazine:

Obama, Democrats Back Off Medicare Advantage Cuts So Seniors Can Keep Their Gym Perks

By Arit John | April 8, 2014

The Obama administration reversed cuts to Medicare Advantage on Monday, after pleas from the insurance industry lobby and congressional Democrats who want seniors to vote for them, The Hill reports. Advantage is the private insurance option offered by Medicare, and many plans entice seniors with free gym memberships, hearing aids, and other perks.

Yeah, ‘perks’ like being able to hear and see. ‘Perks’ that these Medicare Advantage customers actually pay extra for. Anyway, yesterday, we got the news that Obama was once again delaying Obama-Care cuts to Medicare Advantage, until after the midterms. (He delayed the cuts back in 2012, as well, for the same reason — upcoming elections.)

But that was a clear signal to his media minions that they need to start trashing Medicare Advantage for giving away ‘free’ gym memberships.


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Obama’s Illegal Alien Aunt Zeituni Is Dead At 61

From a tear-soaked Associated Press:

Obama aunt who stayed in US illegally dies at 61

By DENISE LAVOIE | April 8, 2014

BOSTON (AP) — President Barack Obama’s aunt Zeituni Onyango, who was denied asylum in the United States but stayed illegally for years, died Tuesday at age 61.

Note how the AP skips over the minor detail that Aunt Zeituni was living in public housing, on welfare, and getting taxpayer funded operations. Despite judges having ordered her to be deported twice. And it is a felony to ignore deportation orders.

Onyango, whose immigration status was reported by The Associated Press days before Obama’s election in 2008, had been treated in recent months for cancer and respiratory problems, Cleveland attorney Margaret Wong said. She died in a Boston rehabilitation center, said Wong, who represented her in her immigration case.



Obama Cuts 50 More ICBMS From Nuclear Arsenal

From a cheering Associated Press:

U.S. will cut deployed nuke missile force by 50

By ROBERT BURNS | April 8, 2014

WASHINGTON (AP) – The U.S. will keep its current force of 450 land-based nuclear missiles but remove 50 from their launch silos as part of a plan to bring the U.S. into compliance with a 2011 U.S.-Russia arms control treaty, the Pentagon said Tuesday.

And what has Russia done to get into compliance? (Hint: they have lied. Just like they always do.)

The resulting launch-ready total of 400 Minuteman 3 intercontinental ballistic missiles would be the lowest deployed ICBM total since the early 1960s.

That will show Putin that we are serious. And Iran. And North Korea. And China.

The decision to put 50 of the missiles in storage but not eliminate any of their launch silos meant the Pentagon had to make steeper reductions in the Navy’s sea-based nuclear force in order to comply with the New START, or Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty, by 2018.


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Republican Kisses Woman At A Christmas Party!

From CBS News:

Caught kissing staffer, Rep. Vance McAllister asks for forgiveness

By Lindsey Boerma | April 7, 2014

A married freshman Republican congressman who campaigned on his Christian, conservative values apologized Monday after surveillance video surfaced purportedly showing him in a lengthy liplock with a staffer.

In the Dec. 23 footage, obtained by a local newspaper, Rep. Vance McAllister, R-La. – who ahead of his election last fall ran multiple campaign ads trumpeting his faith and family – is seen kissing and embracing a woman for about 20 seconds at his Monroe, La., district office. The Ouachita Citizen reports the woman is the congressman’s 33-year-old part-time scheduler, who is also married.

Kissing a member of the opposite sex during a Christmas party?! Off with his head!



Sharpton: I Wasn’t An Informant, I Was A Victim

From the New York Daily News:

Rev. Al Sharpton worked as FBI informant, taping conversations with mob pals to help bring down Genovese crime family: report

Sharpton became an informant after he was caught on tape with a drug kingpin discussing cocaine deals, and the feds threatened him with charges unless he flipped and snitched on Mafia acquaintances, according to The Smoking Gun. In an interview with the Daily News on Monday, Sharpton disputed much of the report, saying he turned to authorities after receiving threats from Gambino family member Joseph (Joe Bana) Buonanno and others.

By Erin Durkin | April 7, 2014

That is some sub-head.

He’s had the titles of civil rights activist, presidential candidate and TV host. But for a time, the FBI secretly called the Rev.



Obama To Sign 2 ‘Gender Gap’ Executive Orders

From the Washington Post:

Obama to sign two executive orders aimed at narrowing gender gap in wages

By Juliet Eilperin | April 7, 2014

President Obama will take two executive actions Tuesday aimed at narrowing the wage gap between men and women, forcing federal contractors to let their workers discuss their earnings with one another and to disclose more information about what their employees earn.

How many times has the ‘wage gap’ been done away with by Obama now? The first bill Obama signed into law as President was the so-called Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act. How many times does he have to fix this terrible problem?

The push by Obama, who also is commemorating Tuesday as “National Equal Pay Day,” is part of a broader effort by Democrats to increase turnout among female voters during the 2014 midterm elections, which party strategists consider critical to limiting Republican gains this fall…

Oh, now we understand.


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Boycott? Pope: Married Couple = Man & Woman

From CNS News:

Pope Francis: ‘The Image of God is the Married Couple: The Man and the Woman’

By Michael W. Chapman | April 7, 2014

( – Although the national gay magazine The Advocate named Pope Francis its “Person of the Year” in December 2013, the Pope repeated on Apr. 2 the Catholic Church’s teaching that marriage is reserved for one man and one woman, adding that this is part of “God’s design” and that “the image of God is the married couple: the man and the woman ….”

During his General Audience speech at St. Peter’s Square on Apr. 2, before a crowd estimated at 45,000, Pope Francis first cited Genesis, saying, “God created man in his own image, in the image of God He created him; male and female he created them.


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Americans On Medicaid Exceed Population Of UK

From CNS News:

Americans on Medicaid Exceed Population of UK

By Terence P. Jeffrey | April 7, 2014

( – The number of Americans who were enrolled in Medicaid at any time during fiscal 2013 exceeded the entire population of the United Kingdom, according to new data published by the federal government’s Medicaid and CHIP Payment Access Commission (MACPAC).

Were Medicaid a nation instead of a U.S. entitlement program it would be the 20th most populous country on earth.

"The estimated number of individuals ever covered by Medicaid remained steady at 72.7 million in FY 2013, compared to 72.2 million in FY 2012," said MACPAC’s statistical report, released on April 1.

The United Kingdom has a total population of 63,742,977, according to the Central Intelligence Agency.


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Politico: Six Problems We Ignored About O-Care

From a shameless Politico:

Obamacare’s next obstacle: Confusion as people use it


Obama administration officials hoping to exhale after the big finish to Obamacare’s first enrollment season may need to hold their breath a while longer. All the confusion and mixed messages out there are bound to combust if people decide they were misled — an echo of the “you can keep your plan if you like it” fiasco…

In other words, now that it is too late to do anything about Obama-Care, the Politico wants to make sure they lay all of its problems out on the table. So they can claim they never misled anyone.

Some of the missed points and mixed-up details could bite the administration almost immediately as people start using their new plans and blame surprises on the White House.


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