No Crackdown On ‘Sanctuary Cities’ Until After Amnesty?

Why would there be a need for ‘sanctuary cities’ after immigration reform (aka amnesty) is passed? Once we have amnesty America will be a ‘sanctuary country.’

From Breitbart:

ICE Director: We Don’t Want To Hit Sanctuary Communities ‘Over the Head With a Federal Hammer’

by Ian Hanchett | 21 Jul 2015

Immigration and Customs Enforcement Director Sarah Saldaña said that she doesn’t want to “hit somebody over the head with a federal hammer” with regard to sanctuary communities and refused to state what negative consequences she would support placing on sanctuary communities in testimony before the Senate Judiciary Committee on Tuesday.

After Senator Sen. David Vitter (R-LA) pressed Saldaña on the lack of consequences for sanctuary communities, and what would happen to them, she answered she is “in the middle of looking at that.” Vitter again followed-up on what would be the negative consequences for sanctuary communities, and Saldaña re-iterated that she was looking into it.



Reid Was Harsher On Illegals Than Trump – Back In 1993

It turns out there is no meaningful difference between what Trump is saying now and what Harry Reid was saying 22 years ago. Except that Reid went a lot further.

First, from the Associated Press:

Sen. Reid raps Republicans over response to Trump comments

By ERICA WERNER | July 21, 2015 

WASHINGTON (AP) — … [Senate Minority Leader Harry] Reid, D-Nev., noted that while Trump’s GOP White House rivals were nearly unanimous in denouncing Trump’s suggestion that McCain is not really a war hero, they were more tentative in responding to his criticisms of Mexican immigrants as "criminals" and "rapists."

"There is an ugly truth behind that silence, and it is this: When it comes to immigration policy, there is no meaningful difference between the Republican Party and Donald Trump," Reid asserted…

Given not so recent history, it’s hard to see any difference between Mr.



Mom Of Victim Killed By Illegals: Lawmakers Fell Asleep

But first, there is this about the Steinle family’s appearance before the same Senate Committee.

From Reuters:

Family of slain San Francisco woman push for immigration reform

By Curtis Skinner | July 21, 2015

SAN FRANCISCO (Reuters) – … Jim Steinle testified before the Senate Judiciary Committee in Washington about the July 1 killing of his 32-year-old daughter, Kathryn Steinle. Juan Francisco Lopez-Sanchez, a convicted felon who had been deported to Mexico five times, is charged in her murder.

Of course, if Harry Reid and the Democrats still controlled the Senate there would have never been such a hearing.

"Due to disjointed laws and basic incompetence on many levels, the U.S. has suffered a self-inflicted wound in the murder of our daughter," Steinle told the panel.


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Obama Admin Edits Citizenship Oath, Cuts Vow To Serve

Plus, Scott Walker, Bobby Jindal, and other (probably Republican) governors are arming their National Guard soldiers while they are on duty.

But first, there is this from Breitbart:

Obama Admin. Updates Eligibility Requirements To Omit Portions Of Citizenship Oath

By Caroline May | July 21, 2015

U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services is highlighting clarified guidance for those immigrants wishing to omit portions of the citizenship oath. USCIS explained Tuesday that while reciting the Oath of Allegiance is part of the naturalization process, immigrant candidates for citizenship may omit portions of the oath if they have certain religious or conscientious objections…

The Oath reads: "I hereby declare, on oath, that I absolutely and entirely renounce and abjure all allegiance and fidelity to any foreign prince, potentate, state, or sovereignty, of whom or which I have heretofore been a subject or citizen; that I will support and defend the Constitution and laws of the United States of America against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same; that I will bear arms on behalf of the United States when required by the law; that I will perform noncombatant service in the Armed Forces of the United States when required by the law; that I will perform work of national importance under civilian direction when required by the law; and that I take this obligation freely, without any mental reservation or purpose of evasion; so help me God."

Under the clarified guidance from USCIS, certain immigrant candidates for citizenship do not need to declare that they will “bear arms on behalf of the United States” and “perform noncombatant service in the Armed Forces of the United States.”

USCIS explains that a candidate:
* May be eligible for modifications based on religious training and belief, or conscientious objection arising from a deeply held moral or ethical code.


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‘UK’ Man Tried To Join ISIS, Plotted To Kill US Servicemen

Note that there is no mention in this piece about the attacker’s citizenship status. Of course that battle has long since been lost in the UK.

From BBC News:

Man ‘planned to kill US serviceman and tried to join IS’

21 July 2015

A 24-year-old man has appeared in court charged with planning to kill US military personnel based in the UK. Junead Ahmed Khan is accused of plotting to run over a serviceman, possibly from an US air base in East Anglia, and then kill him with a knife. Mr Khan was also charged, along with his uncle Shazib Ahmed Khan, 22, both from Luton, over attempting to join Islamic State in Syria…

Are there a lot of people in Luton named Khan? Sadly, there probably are now.


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Abdulazeez Uncle Detained In Jordan (Lawyer With MB)

The AP eventually mentions in the 12th paragraph of their article that Abdulazeez’s uncle’s lawyer is a member of the Muslim Brotherhood. Which has been trying to overthrow the ‘Westernized’ government in Jordan ever since the (Obama backed) ‘Arab Spring.’

From a never jumping to conclusions about Muslim terrorists Associated Press:

Lawyer: Tennessee shooter’s uncle detained in Jordan

By KARIN LAUB and ERIK SCHELZIG | July 21, 2015

CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. (AP) — An uncle of the man who killed four Marines and a sailor in Tennessee has been in custody in Jordan since a day after the attacks on two military sites, a lawyer said Tuesday. Abed al-Kader Ahmad al-Khateeb told The Associated Press that he was barred from seeing his client and that family members were also prevented from visiting the detainee.


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Saudi Arabia Considers Nuclear Options After Iran Deal

Why should the Saudis getting the bomb upset the world or the US? What’s good for Iran must be good for Saudi Arabia.

From an unfazed Reuters:

Saudi Arabia considers its own nuclear options after Iran deal

By Angus McDowall | July 21, 2015

RIYADH (Reuters) – One likely Saudi Arabian response to the deal its biggest enemy Iran has struck with world powers is to accelerate its own nuclear power plans, creating an atomic infrastructure it could, one day, seek to weaponize.

That is actually a perfect description of Obama’s Iran deal. It allows Iran ‘to create an atomic infrastructure that it could one day weaponize.’ In fact, the Obama deal even protects Iran’s atomic infrastructure.

But while it has recently made moves to advance its nuclear program, experts say it is uncertain whether it could realistically build an atomic bomb in secret or withstand the political pressure it would face if such plans were revealed…

Hint: The Saudis will move to build their own bomb.


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Cotton Has Found ‘Secret Side Deals’ In Iran Agreement

It turns out the US made a secret side deal with Iran on two of the more important points in the negotiations. Which also means Congress will have no way of knowing whether Iran complied with either side agreement.

From National Review:

Senator Tom Cotton and Congressman Mike Pompeo Discover ‘Backroom’ Iran Deals Not Shared with Congress

By Fred Fleitz | July 22, 2015

Senator Tom Cotton (R., Ark.) and Congressmen Mike Pompeo (R., Kan.) issued a press release today on a startling discovery they made during a July 17 meeting with International Atomic Energy Agency officials in Vienna: There are two secret side deals to the nuclear agreement with Iran that will not be shared with other nations, with Congress, or with the U.S.


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Retiring Army Chief: US Could Have Prevented ISIS Rise

The truth is, Obama’s real foreign policy legacy is going to be the loss of Iraq and Afghanistan and the fall of Syria and other countries in the Middle East to ISIS. That is, assuming Iran doesn’t blow up Israel with their new nuclear weapons.

From Fox News:

Army chief Odierno, in exit interview, says US could have ‘prevented’ ISIS rise

Army Chief of Staff says Iraq didn’t need to collapse

By Jennifer Griffin, Lucas Tomlinson | July 22, 2015

EXCLUSIVE: The Army’s top officer told Fox News Tuesday it’s “frustrating” to watch the gains he helped achieve in Iraq disintegrate at the hands of the Islamic State, saying in an exit interview that the chaos now unfolding “might have been prevented” had the U.S.


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ISIS Killed 115 With Lure Of Cheap Ice For Ramadan End

This was just ISIS’s way of saying: ‘Happy Eid al-Fitr fellow Muslims!’ But such attacks are now so commonplace they don’t even make the mainstream news.

From the Daily Mail:

ISIS barbarians lured 115 people to their deaths with promise of cheap ice in sweltering conditions… before detonating a truck packed with explosives

By John Hall | 20 July 2015

Islamic State barbarians fighting in Iraq lured scores of sweltering citizens to surround a lorry purportedly selling discounted ice before blowing it up and killing 115 people. A terrorist drove a vehicle packed with more than three tonnes of explosives into the busy market area of Khan Bani Saad, north of the capital Baghdad, on what was a scorching Friday afternoon.

In what is considered one of deadliest attacks in Iraq this decade, the driver called on hundreds of locals to gather around the vehicle, telling them he was selling ice at a heavily discounted price in celebration of Eid al-Fitr – the feast that ends the Muslim fasting month of Ramadan.


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2nd Video Shows Planned Parenthood Doc Selling Parts

FTA: “Let me just figure out what others are getting, and if this is in the ballpark, then it’s fine, if it’s still low, then we can bump it up. I want a Lamborghini.”

From Life News:

Shock Video Catches Another Top Planned Parenthood Doctor Selling Body Parts of Aborted Babies

By Steven Ertelt | July 21, 2015 

Washington, DC — A second shocking video in as many weeks has been released showing a top Planned Parenthood official discussing and arranging the sale of body parts of aborted babies…

In this video, Mary Gatter, the Medical director at Planned Parenthood Pasadena and San Gabriel Valley in Calfiornia, discusses selling aborted baby body parts with undercover investigators posing as officials with a biotech company that acts as a middleman to sell aborted baby body parts to universities and other places that conduct such research.



Cis Drag Queens Banned, Unbanned From ‘Pride’ Event

Plus, the federal government is spending $125,000 to study the harmful effects of sexist adjectives.

But first, there’s this from National Review:

Cis Drag Queens Banned from Pride Event Because They Might Offend Trans People

By Katherine Timpf | July 20, 2015

… The organizers of Free Pride Glasgow in Scotland have hit a snag in their mission to plan a totally inclusive event: Some activists think drag queens are offensive to transgender people, others think banning drag queens is offensive to transgender drag queens, and still others think allowing only transgender drag queens is offensive to cisgender drag queens…

Lest we forget, ‘cisgendered’ is what those individuals who identify with the gender they are actually born with are called.

Although drag performances had been part of Free Pride Glasgow for years, the event organizers announced in a statement on Saturday that they would not be allowing them this year because some transgender individuals found “some drag performance, particularly cis drag,” to be offensive because it “hinges on the social view of gender and making it into a joke.” …

One problem: The attempt at appeasing transgender people who are offended by drag performers wound up offending transgender people who are drag performers… So, the group changed its policy again: “After a further consultation, trans drag performers will be invited to perform at Free Pride on the 22nd August,” read a post on the group’s Facebook page on Monday…

All good?


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Scott Walker Tells Illegals They Have To Follow The Law

This ‘confrontation’ was clearly a set up from the getgo. In fact, most of the Republican candidates are being ‘tagged’ by professional amnesty advocates who regularly heckle them at their events.

From an outraged Washington Post:

Scott Walker tells undocumented worker that immigrants must follow the law

By Jenna Johnson | July 19, 2015

PLAINFIELD, Iowa — As presidential hopeful Scott Walker toured a farm in this tiny town where he lived as a child, he was confronted by an undocumented worker from Mexico who is living in Wisconsin and demanded to know why Walker does not support President Obama’s plan to give temporary status to some undocumented workers, including parents of children who were born in the United States.

"We’re a nation of laws," Walker, the Republican governor of Wisconsin, repeatedly told Jose Flores, 38, who was joined by two of his four children, Luis, 7, and Leslie, 13, who had tears rolling down her cheeks throughout the exchange.


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Black Confederate Flag Supporter Killed After Car Chase

The AP’s headline and lead make it sound like an innocent accident. In fact, the black woman who owned the SUV that crashed posted at the time that they were being chased by a car full of angry black men. But the AP left that out for some reason.

First, a seemingly sanitized report from the Associated Press:

Black, Miss. Confederate symbol supporter dies in wreck

July 20, 2015 

JACKSON, Miss. – A black Mississippi man who often dressed in Confederate regalia to support the state flag has died in a one-car accident. The Highway Patrol says 49-year-old Anthony Hervey was killed Sunday when the 2005 Ford Explorer he was driving left the roadway and overturned on Mississippi Highway 6 in Lafayette County.

A passenger in Hervey’s car, Arlene Barnum, tells The Associated Press that Hervey swerved and crashed after another vehicle carrying four or five young black men pulled up alongside them, yelling and looking angry.


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Abdulazeez Followed Recruiter Anwar Al-Awlaki In 2013

Are we reading this right? Mr. Abdulazeez followed Anwar Al-Awlaki instead of ISIS. Therefore, according to this article, we can’t to blame this attack on Muslim extremism.

From Brian Ross at ABC News:

Chattanooga Shooter Mohammod Abdulazeez Followed Al Qaeda Cleric Online in 2013


FBI agents have found evidence that Chattanooga shooter Mohammod Abdulazeez was following a radical American member of al Qaeda online in 2013, as well as pages of writing that showed the young man was suicidal and looking for a way to absolve what he considered were his sins, according to a representative of Abdulazeez’s family.

Video tapes of Anwar al-Awlaki, the high-profile American al Qaeda cleric and recruiter, have circulated on the internet and have been popular in jihadist circles long after al-Awlaki’s death by American drone strike in September 2011.


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