Cecil Cub Killed By Rival Lion Trying To Mate With Mother

Notice that no one appears to even be considering intervening to save the remaining cubs. They will just let nature take its (bloody) course.

From the UK’s Mirror:

Cecil the lion’s cub killed by rival big cat trying to mate with his mother

By Matthew Drake | 8 August 2015

Hwange, Zimbabwe — One of Cecil the lion’s young cubs has been killed by a predatory big cat who was trying to mate with his mother, the Sunday Mirror can reveal. His horrific death has sparked fears the remaining seven cubs… have only days to live after their father was illegally slain on a trophy hunt. Wildlife guides warn the tiny pride – originally made up of three lionesses and eight cubs – has only a five per cent chance of survival after several solitary male lions were spotted prowling near their abandoned den in Hwange National Park.


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UK: African ‘Migrants’ Surge Hurts EU’s Living Standards

Don’t worry. It can’t happen here. Besides, such gifts of love are a boon to any economy.

From a never dot connecting Reuters:

Hammond: African migrant surge imperils EU social infrastructure

By Andrew Osborn | August 9, 2015

LONDON (Reuters) – A surge in migrants from Africa threatens the European Union’s living standards and social infrastructure, British Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond said on Sunday, saying the bloc was unable to take in millions of people seeking a new life.

Racist! Doesn’t he know that Europe is a nation of immigrants. (Europe was originally settled by Neanderthals.) And never mind very few of these people are ‘migrants,’ anyway.

Hammond’s comments, some of his most outspoken on the subject yet, underscore how the British government is ramping up its anti-immigration rhetoric in response to a spike in migrant attempts to reach Britain via the Channel Tunnel from France…

How dare they use anti-immigrant rhetoric!


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29 Scientists Praise Iran Deal, So Now It’s ‘Settled Science’

Plus, MoveOn has declared a $10 million dollar donor boycott of any Democrat candidates who oppose giving Iran the bomb.

From a cheering New York Times:

29 U.S. Scientists Praise Iran Nuclear Deal in Letter to Obama


August 8, 2015

Twenty-nine of the nation’s top scientists — including Nobel laureates, veteran makers of nuclear arms and former White House science advisers — wrote to President Obama on Saturday to praise the Iran deal, calling it innovative and stringent….

How many of these scientists and their universities need government grants to survive?

The two-page letter may give the White House arguments a boost after the blow Mr. Obama suffered on Thursday when Senator Chuck Schumer of New York, a Democrat and among the most influential Jewish voices in Congress, announced he would oppose the deal, which calls for Iran to curb its nuclear program [sic] and allow inspections [sic] in return for an end to international oil and financial sanctions…

Don’t worry.


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Reader Selected News For The Week Of Aug 8 To Aug 14

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AP ‘Fact Checks’ The Republican Candidates In 1st Debate

What is this? Bias, from the Associated Press? Can it be?

From a laughable Associated Press:

FACT CHECK: GOP candidates veer from the truth in 1st debate

By JOSH LEDERMAN | August 7, 2015

WASHINGTON (AP) — Republicans seeking their party’s 2016 presidential nomination… had a vested interest in puffing up their own records as governors, senators and public figures. And some of them just got the facts wrong…

DONALD TRUMP: "If it weren’t for me, you wouldn’t even be talking about illegal immigration."
THE FACTS: Republicans have been talking about immigration for at least 30 years, including former President George W. Bush and the Republican field in the 2008 and 2012 presidential elections…

Trump was talking about the criminal aspect of illegal immigration. As the AP well knows.


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Fox Moderators Impress The NYT With ‘Sharp’ Questions

We hate to say it. But it was not a good night for Fox News.

From the New York Times:

Fox News Moderators Bring a Sharpened Edge to the Republican Debate Stage

By JEREMY W. PETERS | August 7, 2015

CLEVELAND — Dredging up old misstatements. Questioning someone’s temperamental fitness to be president. Suggesting that someone else might let a woman die rather than allow her to have an abortion. The Republican presidential candidates’ debate on Thursday night was notable for its pointed accusations, and for the sometimes-awkward glowering and silences that followed. And that was just the moderators.

The triumvirate of Fox News anchors who ran the two-hour event — Chris Wallace, Megyn Kelly and Bret Baier — seemed to have one mission above all else in questioning the 10 would-be presidents they faced across the stage at Quicken Loans Arena: Make them squirm.


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NYT(!): Trump Steals The Show, Mixing Politics And Pizazz

What’s this? Have the Russkies or Chi-Coms hacked the New York Times? Actually, come to think of it, they might be the last people to run this headline.

From the New York Times:

Donald Trump Steals the Show, Mixing Politics and Pizazz

By MICHAEL BARBARO | August 7, 2015

Donald J. Trump was outrageous. He was demeaning. He was even somewhat menacing, warning a female moderator that he could turn on her at any moment.

Whew! That lead sentence reassures us that The Times is still The Times. The always objective ‘newspaper of record.’ In fact, this is actually a long hit piece on Trump. Most of which we’ve cut, since it’s so predictable.

When confronted with his tendency to describe the women he dislikes as “fat pigs,” “slobs” or “disgusting animals,” he dismissively replied that neither he nor the United States “have time for political correctness.” …

Remember when the NYT blasted Obama for comparing the Republican opponents of his deal with Iran to the Iranian hardliners chanting ‘Death to America’?


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Hillary Skipped AFL-CIO Forum For Date With Kardashians

New York Magazine somehow fails not mention that it was reported back on Tuesday that Hillary would reluctantly have to miss the AFL-CIO’s Democrat forum in Iowa, due to ‘a scheduling conflict.’

From New York Magazine:

Hillary Clinton Spent Debate Night With the Kardashians

By Margaret Hartmann | August 7, 2015 

If you’re Hillary Clinton, how can you possibly compete with the hysteria surrounding Donald Trump’s first presidential debate? Simple: seek out the one person who can go toe-to-toe with Trump when it comes to self-promotion and generating media attention.

Bill Clinton? (Just kidding. Most of the time Hillary wouldn’t be caught dead in the same hemisphere with Bill. Unless there is a lot of money to be made.)

Shortly after the debate began, Kim Kardashian announced to her 34.2 million followers that she would be meeting the future president of the United States: And just after the debate ended, Kim posted her selfie/endorsement, complete with Kanye photobomb… actually, she misspelled "president" in her first tweet…

What a shock.


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3 FL Planned Parenthood Clinics Did Unlicensed Abortions

Hilariously, the head of Florida Planned Parenthood is blaming Obama-Care — for changing the definition of the ‘first trimester.’

From an outraged (at the inspections) Associated Press:

Inspectors find violations at 4 Planned Parenthood clinics

By DAVID FISCHER | August 5, 2015 

MIAMI (AP) — Three of the 16 Planned Parenthood facilities inspected in Florida last week were performing procedures beyond their licensing authority, and one facility was not keeping proper logs relating to fetal remains, officials announced Wednesday.

The Agency for Health Care Administration released a report saying clinics in St. Petersburg, Fort Myers and Naples were performing second-trimester abortions when they were only licensed to perform first-trimester abortions. The report also found that a Pembroke Pines clinic was not following its own procedures for the labeling and dating of the disposal of fetal remains…

So will the Center For Medical Progress’s get any credit for helping to protect Florida women’s health?


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ABC Did Undercover Report On Fetal Organ Trade In 2000

So where were the criminal investigations of ABC News? What did they do any differently from the Center For Medical Progress?

From NewsBusters:

FLASHBACK: In 2000, Chris Wallace Aired Undercover Report on ABC About Fetal Organ Trade

By Matthew Balan | August 6, 2015

… In 2000, Chris Wallace, then with ABC, revealed on 20/20 that a "hidden camera investigation has found a thriving industry, in which aborted fetuses women donate to help medical research are being marketed for hundreds – even thousands of dollars." The main target of the ABC investigation, Dr. Miles Jones, "over lobster bisque and roast duck…explained the business of selling human fetuses" … 

‘The more things change, the more they remain the same.’

The network’s report also included a clip from the then-president of the abortion organization, Gloria Feldt, who contended that businesses such as Dr.


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McConnell Will Not Move To Defund Planned Parenthood

Plus, Alabama is now the third state to defund Planned Parenthood since the ‘sting videos’ have exposed their baby parts business.

But first, from the Washington Examiner:

McConnell: No Planned Parenthood defunding in fall spending fight

By Susan Ferrechio | August 6, 2015

The Senate Republican leadership gave its strongest signal yet that they will not attach a provision to defund Planned Parenthood to critical government spending legislation in September. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., told reporters Thursday that he has learned a lesson from past attempts by the GOP to try to use spending legislation as leverage to win concessions on other issues, and it has backfired politically. "We’ve been down this path before," McConnell said. "This is a tactic that has been tried going back to the ’90s and it always has the same ending — that the focus is on the government shutdown and not on the underlying issue that is being protested."

In other words, the Republican ‘leadership’ will never be able to try to defund anything ever again.


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DHS To Propose Moving Border Funds To Other Agencies

Plus, an illegal alien has plead guilty to murdering co-worker, setting her body on fire.

But first, from the Daily Caller:

Source: DHS To Propose Moving ICE Border Funds To Other Agencies

By Kerry Picket | August 6, 2015

WASHINGTON — The Department of Homeland Security will propose to Congress to direct $110 million away from Immigration and Custom Enforcement’s budget and reprogram it to other agencies within DHS like the Secret Service and DHS cyber operations, a source with access to information within ICE told The Daily Caller.

“The DHS justification is, ‘Well, ICE, you’re not using all of your budget, and, it’s coming from bed and deportation money, because you can’t arrest people and you can’t detain people. So it doesn’t makes sense that you’re not using your budget, so we are going to take it away from you and give it to other divisions of homeland security,’” the person said…

“And so now ICE officers are shaking their heads saying, ‘Hey they don’t let us do our jobs and now they’re taking our budget and our money away from us..


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Russia Hacked Joint Chiefs Of Staff, Shut Down Its Email

And, according to Pentagon officials, it was the most sophisticated cyberattack yet.

But first, from CNBC:

Russia hacks Pentagon computers: NBC, citing sources

Courtney Kube and Jim Miklaszewski | August 6, 2015

U.S. officials tell NBC News that Russia launched a "sophisticated cyberattack" against the Pentagon’s Joint Staff unclassified email system, which has been shut down and taken offline for nearly two weeks. According to the officials, the "sophisticated cyber intrusion" occurred sometime around July 25 and affected some 4,000 military and civilian personnel who work for the Joint Chiefs of Staff…

July 25th, as Ted Cruz pointed out last night in the ‘debate,’ was the time when the Iranian General Qassem Soleimani was visiting Putin in Russia.

The officials also report the suspected Russian hackers coordinated the sophisticated cyberassault via encrypted accounts on social media.


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Iranian General Visited Russia In Defiance Of Sanctions

Under the sanctions and UN resolutions, Soleimani is banned from traveling outside of Iran. And yet just a couple weeks ago, he went to Russia and met with Putin, who is one of the signatories to the Iran deal. So will Russia now demand that the sanctions are ‘snapped back’?

From Fox News:

Exclusive: Quds Force commander Soleimani visited Moscow, met Russian leaders in defiance of sanctions

By Jennifer Griffin, Lucas Tomlinson | August 6, 2015

The shadowy Iranian Quds Force commander Qassem Soleimani recently visited Moscow to meet with senior Russian leaders, according to two Western intelligence sources, despite a travel ban and U.N. Security Council resolutions barring him from leaving Iran. On July 24, one week before Secretary of State John Kerry testified to the Senate Armed Services Committee and faced questions about the newly struck nuclear deal, Soleimani arrived in Moscow for meetings with Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu and President Vladimir Putin…

Soleimani was first designated a terrorist and sanctioned by the U.S.


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Schumer Will Oppose Iran Deal (Dems Must Have Votes)

This is a pretty sure sign that the Democrats must have enough votes to support Obama’s Iran ‘deal.’

From the Huffington Post:

Chuck Schumer Breaks With Obama, Will Oppose Iran Deal

By Ryan Grim, Nick Baumann, Jessica Schulberg | August 6, 2015

New York Sen. Chuck Schumer, the chamber’s third-ranking Democrat, plans to announce his opposition to the nuclear deal negotiated by the U.S., Iran, and five world powers tomorrow, three people familiar with his thinking tell The Huffington Post.

Schumer’s move will come a day after New Hampshire Democratic Sen. Jeanne Shaheen and Schumer’s fellow New York senator, Kirstin Gillibrand, announced their support for the deal. That momentum is blunted by Schumer’s pending announcement. Backers of the deal had hoped that if Schumer decided to oppose the deal, he would hold off until the last minute…

Schumer probably waited until he was sure there would be enough votes for it to pass.


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