House Dems Creating Phony ‘Documents’ For Illegals

From The Hill:

Dems grease skids for Obama’s immigration programs

By Mike Lillis | March 26, 2015

House Democrats are intensifying their efforts to help undocumented immigrants enroll in President Obama’s new programs easing deportations. The lawmakers, representing districts nationwide, have launched a new outreach campaign designed both to grease the application process and to prevent those eligible from being deported before the programs go into effect…

Notice that The Hill’s headline and lead do not give any real indication as to what the House Democrats are doing.

Behind Rep. Luis Gutiérrez (D-Ill.), the Democrats are issuing "emergency cards" to potential participants and asking them to present those cards in the event they’re detained by an immigration official before the court issues are resolved.

So there it is.


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NYT: Convicted Bergdahl Get Honorable Discharge?

From Breitbart:

New York Times Stealth-Deletes: Will Bergdahl Receive Honorable Discharge If He’s Convicted?

By John Nolte | March 26, 2015

In a Wednesday article about the desertion charges filed against Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl, The New York Times was mercilessly ridiculed on Twitter for a passage that betrayed a breathtaking ignorance about how the military works. The lack of common sense was just as startling:

Another question is whether the Army will give Sergeant Bergdahl an honorable discharge if he is found guilty of desertion. For members of the military, an honorable discharge is no small matter, and not getting one can hinder not only a veteran’s job prospects but the entirety of how a service memberlook [sic] back on his or her career.

Overnight, and without noting the edit, The Times stealth-deleted this nonsense.


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Dems & Their Media Flacks Hailed Bergdahl Release

From the Independent Journal Review:

Twitter Never Forgets: These 8 Public Figures Are Probably Regretting Cheering Bergdahl’s Release

By Joseph Perticone | March 25, 2015

U.S. Army Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl was officially charged with desertion on Wednesday. In light of that charge, these politicians, journalists and political personalities might want to consider walking back some of [their tweets] listed below.

The White House: ""It’s a good day." —President Obama to Bob and Jani Bergdahl on the recovery of their son, Sergeant Bowe Bergdahl"

Vice President Joe Biden: "Welcome home, Sergeant Bergdahl. Today we are elated about his return and reaffirm our commitment to recover the warriors still left behind."

Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid: "On Bergdahl disappearance from Army base: Army will answer these questions, not Monday morning quarterbacks on Capitol Hill"

National Security Advisor Susan Rice: "Our hearts are filled with joy for the Bergdahl family"

Talking Points Memo Publisher Josh Marshall: "I predict many years frm now, say 2014, wingers will be so far gone theyll mercilessly attack parents of returned POW"

Salon editor-at-large Joan Walsh: "The right’s latest dirty Bergdahl trick: Pitting Clinton against Obama"

"Reports that Hillary Clinton favored a tougher deal in 2012 tell us nothing about what she’d have done in 2014"

Daily Kos founder Markos Moulitsas: "Bergdahl is now Exhibit A in right-wing media bubble… Same bubble that convinced them President Romney would happen"

Political strategist and CNN/ABC contributor Donna Brazile: "An Anatomy of the Right’s Bergdahl Overreach (The New Republic) – Good read.


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Senate Votes 100 To 0 To Fund Future Iran Sanctions

From Reuters:

U.S. Senate votes unanimously for amendment to send message on Iran

By Patricia Zengerle | March 26, 2015

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – The U.S. Senate voted unanimously on Thursday for a non-binding amendment to a budget bill intended to make it easier to reimpose sanctions if Iran violates a nuclear deal.

Are they all traitors? Imagine undermining Obama’s negotiations like that. Where is the outrage?

The vote was 100-0 for the amendment, sponsored by Republican Senator Mark Kirk, which would establish a fund to cover the cost of imposing sanctions if Tehran violated terms of an interim nuclear agreement now in effect, or the final agreement negotiators hope to reach before July…

The votes are non-binding because the legislation will not become law, but many senators introduce amendments to send political messages.


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US Is (Reportedly) Caving On Verification In Iran Deal

First from the state run Fars News Agency:

Iranian Negotiator Stresses Withdrawal of Powers from Past Stances in N. Talks

March 25, 2015

TEHRAN (FNA) – Director General for Political Affairs at the Iranian Foreign Ministry and nuclear negotiator Hamid Baeidinejad said on Wednesday that the western powers have withdrawn from their previous positions in nuclear talks with Tehran.

"The other side has withdrawn from its positions compared with the past, otherwise we wouldn’t have stood at this point and stage in the talks at all," Baeidinejad told reporters in Tehran on Wednesday…

Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif is to meet with his US counterpart John Kerry in Lausanne on Thursday… Zarif said on Saturday that Tehran and the 5+1 group of powers had found technical and political solutions to their differences.



Gallup: US ‘Fear Of Global Warming’ Is As Low As Ever

From CNS News:

Gallup: Concern About Environment Down – Americans Worry Least About Global Warming

By Michael W. Chapman | March 25, 2015

( — Americans’ concern over environmental issues such as water and air pollution and extinction of species is down from last year, and the data show that of all green issues, Americans worry the least about global warming (or climate change), according to Gallup.

As part of its annual Environmental survey, which Gallup has done for more than two decades, the surveyors on March 5-8 asked, “I’m going to read you a list of environmental problems. As I read each one, please tell me if you personally worry about this problem a great deal, a fair amount, only a little, or not at all.”

The results showed that when it came to “pollution of drinking water,”  60% worried about it a “great deal” in 2014 but only 55% worried about it a “great deal” in 2015.


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Straight Women Are ‘Appropriating’ Lesbian Fashion

From National Review:

Guardian Column: Straight Women in Baggy Clothes Are Appropriating Lesbian Culture

By Katherine Timpf | March 25, 2015

… A lesbian columnist wrote a piece in The Guardian complaining that the straight women who wear less-than-feminine clothing are “appropriating” lesbian culture and making it too hard for lesbians to tell who the other lesbians are.

This gives ‘coming out of the closet’ a whole new meaning. Apparently, you have to come out of the closet dressed the right way. And there can’t be any confusion about it.

The columnist, named Sophie Wilkinson, describes the trend of what she calls “unisex style” as a new thing, blaming the “high-street ubiquity of unisex outfitters such as American Apparel and Uniqlo and the androgynous cuts of Scandinavian shops like Cos.”

“What was once a queer-owned style has shifted to the mainstream, being appropriated by straight women to the point that it’s now impossible to infer a sexual orientation from the way a woman dresses,” Wilkinson writes in a piece titled “Butch chic: how the gender-neutral trend has ruined my wardrobe.”

According to Wilkinson, examples of this “butch chic” style include printed T-shirts, “skirts without peplums or lace,” torn vests “riot grrrl boots,” and, in general, outfits where “functionality takes precedence.” …

Clearly we need to bring back the sumptuary laws of the Middle Ages.


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Eleven ‘Resolutions’ From A UK Feminist Conference

From the Daily Caller:

The 11 Strangest ‘Resolutions’ From A UK Feminist Conference

By Blake Neff | March 25, 2015

The National Union of Students (NUS) Women Conference currently underway in the UK has drawn substantial attention for its efforts to encourage attendees to use “jazz hands” instead of clapping in order to avoid triggering anxiety attacks in participants. This attention, however, diverts attention away from … the motley array of strange and fascinating resolutions attendees at the conference have been voting on…

In fact, the purpose of NUS’s annual conference is to decide on the feminist issues for NUS to campaign on. And so this is some of the issues they have come up with for this year.

Here’s 11 of the most fascinating motions members have approved or have yet to consider.


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Words Hillary Supporters Won’t Let You Say About Her

From the Daily Caller:

Here Are The Words Hillary’s Supporters Won’t Let You Say

By Patrick Howley | March 25, 2015

… “We will be watching, reading, listening and protesting coded sexism,” the pro-Hillary group HRC Super Volunteers warned The New York Times’ Amy Chozick [in an email] Wednesday…

Ms. Chozick posted on Twitter yesterday that a Hillary group had emailed her with a list of words that she was not to use when describing Hillary.

Here are the words that you can’t use to describe Clinton:

polarizing – Yup. Nothing polarizing about this.
calculating – I usually pair this with the term “cold.” As in, “Cold War.” Or, “cold, loveless marriage.”
disingenuous – Like when chicks say “I’m not looking for anything serious.” Or, you know, “I’m on the pill.” Or when, you know, Bill pretended he was crying about the death of Ron Brown when actually he was laughing.


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Radio Shack To Sell Customer Info In Bankruptcy Sale

From CBS New York affiliate, WCBS:

Report: Radio Shack To Sell Customers’ Personal Information In Bankruptcy Sale

March 25, 2015

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — … CBS2’s Dick Brennan… [is reporting that] Radio Shack is ready to sell information they have on some 117 million customers, including names, addresses, phone numbers and other details on purchases.

This despite the Radio Shack privacy policy, which says “We will not sell or rent your personally identifiable information to anyone at any time.”

And some consumer experts say what Radio Shack is doing is nothing new. “People are looking at Radio Shack now and they are gonna vilify Radio Shack,” said consumer expert Paul Viollis. “But at the end of the day, Radio Shack isn’t doing anything all other major corporations haven’t been doing for many years.”

But states are lining up against the move.


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Two People Filed 1,700 Sex Discrimination Complaints

From an unquestioning Washington Post:

Civil rights complaints to U.S. Department of Education reach a record high

By Lyndsey Layton | March 18, 2015

Straining under a record number of civil rights complaints, the U.S. Department of Education wants to hire 200 more investigators to expand its civil rights division by 30 percent.

Why does the DOE even have a civil rights division? Why does every government agency have one? Is the government that prone to violating their employees’ civil rights? If so, maybe it should be shut down. — And while we are asking questions, why do we even have a Department Of Education? Education is supposed to be the purview of the states…

Complaints of discrimination to the department have soared from 6,364 in fiscal 2009 to a record of 9,989 in the most recent fiscal year.



VA Hospital Director Given $288,00 To Move 140 Miles

First from the Washington Free Beacon:

VA Construction Chief Retires Amid $1 Billion Boondoggle

By CJ Ciaramella | March 25, 2015

The Department of Veterans Affairs’ top construction official retired Wednesday with a full federal pension amidst calls from Congress for his firing due to massive cost overruns on VA construction projects. Glenn Haggstrom, the head of the VA’s Office of Acquisition, Logistics and Construction, announced his resignation, effectively immediately…

The Washington Post reported last week that cost estimates for a Colorado VA medical center under construction had ballooned from $328 million to $1.73 billion…

Nitpickers! That kind of cost increase is pretty much in line with every other government project. (Cf. Obama-Care.)

According to the VA, Haggstrom had recently been relieved of his duties and was under an internal investigation into delays and cost overruns…

And yet he will be allowed to enjoy his full pension and keep his generous retirement benefits, including taxpayer subsidized healthcare for the rest of his life.


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Bowe Bergdahl Fans Start #BergdahlPardon Hashtag

From the Dignitas News Service:

Bowe Bergdahl Fans Start #BergdahlPardon Twitter Topic

By Paul M Winters | March 25, 2015

Within moments after the US Army announced that Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl would be charged for desertion and misbehaving with the enemy, his legion of far-left fans and fellow traitors took to Twitter Wednesday, starting the #BergdahlPardon topic to express their sympathy and support. The social media thread was apparently started by former Bazos County (Tx) Arts Council Director David Romei, a shady character who is no stranger to controversy himself, having been convicted of property theft for which he was jailed and ordered to pay back $268,000 in restitution.

That’s Dr. Romei to you. The man seems to be excessively proud of having a PhD.



Rice In June: Bergdahl ‘Served With Honor, Distinction’

From Breitbart:

Susan Rice Flashback: Bergdahl Served ‘With Honor and Distinction’

By Ian Hanchett | March 25, 2015

National Security Advisor Susan Rice defended the prisoner swap for Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl on the June 1, 2014 brodcast [sic] of ABC’s “This Week” by saying Bergdahl “served the United States with honor and distinction.”

Regarding the desertion allegations, she said Bergdahl, “served the United States with honor and distinction. And we’ll have the opportunity eventually to learn what has transpired in the past years.”

Apparently, Ms. Rice was Obama’s favorite outlet for distributing disinformation. That is, aside from the NYT.

Rice also said that “assurances relating to the movement, the activities, the monitoring of those detainees [released in exchange for Bergdahl] give us confidence that they cannot and, in all likelihood, will not pose a significant risk to the United States.


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Obama In June: ‘Absolutely No Apologies’ For The Swap

First, from Breitbart:

White House Silent After Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl Charged With Treason

By Charlie Spiering | March 25, 2015

Sergeant Bowe Bergdahl has been charged with treason, his lawyer says, but the White House is not commenting on the news yet. A request for comment about the news was referred by the White House to the Department of Defense, which is in charge of the investigation…

During the daily press briefing, White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest said that he was “not aware of any plans” of the Army’s intentions to release their report on the matter… [and he referred] White House reporters to the Department of Defense…

The Obama administration maintained that Berghdal [sic]was a hero when he was first brought back to American soil as a result of the Guantanamo deal.



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