In 2008 Left Claimed McCain Not A War Hero – And Worse

Back in 2008, Democrat Rockefeller and others were saying McCain was no hero for being captured. In fact, some on the left even called McCain a war criminal.

From the June 2008 archives of the Politico:

Some on left target McCain’s war record

By BEN SMITH | June 30, 2008

… On Sunday, McCain’s campaign issued a pair of outraged statements after retired general and Barack Obama supporter Wesley Clark said he didn’t think that McCain’s service as a fighter pilot and prisoner of war was relevant to running the country…  But farther to the left — and among some of McCain’s conservative enemies as well — harsher attacks are circulating.

Critics have accused McCain of war crimes for bombing targets in Hanoi in the 1960s.


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Fact Check: Trump Called McCain A War Hero Four Times

The ‘fact check’ was done by none other than the indomitable Sharyl Attkisson. (Who seems to be parodying the WP’s (usually preposterous) fact-checkers and their ‘Pinocchio’ scale. Instead, Ms. Attkisson  uses devils.

But first, here is a similarly misleading report via the New York Times:

Trump Refuses to Apologize for Comments on McCain’s Service


Donald J. Trump refused to apologize on Sunday for ridiculing Senator John McCain’s war record in Vietnam and accused Mr. McCain of stoking outrage, even as Mr. Trump’s comments continued to draw anger and calls from some Republicans for him to quit the 2016 presidential race. “I always believe in apologizing if you’ve done something wrong, but if you read my statement, you’ll see I said nothing wrong,” Mr.



Abdulazeez’s Dad Abused His Mom, Wanted Second Wife

A number of US media outlets are citing the fact Mohammad and his mother was abused by his father to the point that she even tried to divorce him back in 2009. They are pulling out all the stops. But how much their family problems was due to the culture of Islam?

From the Daily Mail:

EXCLUSIVE: Muslim Marine murderer’s father ‘sexually assaulted wife and beat his son’ – and wanted to take second wife ‘because it was allowed under Islamic law’

By Paul Thompson | 17 July 2015

The Muslim murderer of four US Marines came from an abusive and violent home where his mother was physically and verbally abused by her husband. Court documents obtained by Daily Mail Online reveal that Muhammad Youssuf Abdulazeez was also victim of beatings by his father that were carried out ‘without provocation or justification.’

The Kuwaiti born gunman was caught up in the messy divorce in his senior year at high school in 2009.


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Marine Recruiters Told Not To Wear Uniforms After Attack

The military is once again being told to hide their uniforms and even any opposition to terrorists groups. And yet they won’t even consider re-arming the soldiers on military bases and at federal facilities.

From the Military Times:

Marine recruiters told not to wear uniforms after attack

By Jeff Schogol | July 19, 2015

The military services have taken swift action to increase security after Thursday’s shootings in Tennessee, even closing some facilities and telling Marine recruiters not to wear uniforms in public. Defense Secretary Ash Cater approved immediate steps taken by the military branches to increase security… 

One of the steps Carter approved was Marine Corps Recruiting Command’s decision to have recruiters not wear their military uniforms for now, a defense official said. The recruiting command also closed down all offices within 40 miles of the facilities in Chattanooga and increased the force protection condition level from "Bravo" to "Charlie."

"Charlie" is the third highest security level.



Abdulazeez Family Blames Drugs, Depression For Killings

Brian Ross is doing his best to help the family convince the world Mohammod Abdulazeez killed five US military personnel because he was depressed. It had absolutely nothing to do with him being a Muslim extremist.

From Brian Ross at ABC News:

Chattanooga Shooting: FBI Recovers Gunman’s Disturbing Diary


… [A] diary belonging to the gunman and FBI interviews with his parents paint a picture of a disturbed, suicidal young man using drugs, preparing for bankruptcy and facing an appearance in criminal court, according to a representative of the shooter’ s family. Four days after the shooting, the FBI has not found any connection to overseas terrorist groups —

And never mind that his family is Palestinian and that his sister is a self-described Palestinian activist.


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The Abdulazeez Family Is Palestinian, Sister’s An Activist

FTA: "A little more than 24 hours after the shooting, the FBI said it continued to investigate the shooting as an act of terrorism and that it was “premature” to speculate on the motive." That’s right. Perhaps we’ll never know.

From Reuters:

Probe of Tennessee shooter focuses on links to Islamic militants

Jul 18, 2015

WASHINGTON/CHATTANOOGA TENNESSEE – The suspect in the fatal shootings of four U.S. Marines traveled to Jordan and possibly other Middle Eastern countries for seven months last year, authorities said on Friday as the investigation focused on any signs of a connection to Islamist militants…

The 24-year-old engineer traveled to Jordan from around April to November, said U.S. government sources and friends of Abdulazeez in Chattanooga. One childhood friend, speaking on the condition of anonymity, said he went there for a job opportunity…

Maybe he heard ISIS was hiring.


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TN Shooter Linked To Koran Verse About ‘Going To War’

Notice where Reuters is going with all of this. Mr. Abdulazeez couldn’t have been a real Muslim. He took drugs and drank alcohol and liked fast cars. He was not a real practitioner of the ‘Religion Of Peace.’

From an annoyed at even having to report this Reuters:

Tennessee gunman texted friend link to Koranic verse before attack

By Beckie Strum | July 18, 2015

A few hours before going on a shooting spree that killed four Marines and a sailor in Tennessee, Mohammad Youssuf Abdulazeez sent a cryptic and ominous text to a friend. The message included a link to an Islamic verse with the line: “Whosoever shows enmity to a friend of Mine, then I have declared war against him.”

Yep, that sure is ‘cryptic.’ (Meanwhile, Sarah Palin’s in-house campaign map ‘targeting’ candidates including Gabby Giffords couldn’t have been more blatant.)

But the text didn’t throw up any red flags, the friend told Reuters — especially because the two had hung out that week happily racing around in a rented Mustang…

Abdulazeez’s good friends have shed new light on a young man floating between two identities — a fast-driving partier who liked to shoot guns, practice mixed martial arts and smoke pot with pals; and a conservative Muslim who preached in blog posts about shameful earthly desires and lamented turmoil in the Middle East…

Haven’t we heard similar stories about Muslim terrorists before?


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Kerry: Arms, Missiles Were Just ‘Thrown In’ To Iran Deal

Plus, Kerry also claims Obama’s deal will end Iran’s ability to get a nuclear weapon – forever.

But first, from the Weekly Standard:

Kerry: Arms and Missiles ‘Thrown in as Add-On’ to Iran Deal

By DANIEL HALPER | July 19, 2015

Secretary of State John Kerry told NBC’s Chuck Todd that "the arms and the missiles" were "thrown in as an add-on to this nuclear agreement." "So this [deal] focused on getting rid of the principal problem in the region, which is Iran’s threat to Israel, their threat to the region, to have a nuclear capacity," Kerry said defending the deal.

"We believe with this, for years into the future, we have this incredible capacity to have access, to have inspections, to hold them accountable.


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Kerry: We Can’t Let Congress Vote On Iran Deal Before UN

Kerry is now claiming we have to let the UN vote on Obama’s Iran deal before Congress does because otherwise the other five countries involved in the negotiations would be offended. Which is total hogwash.

First, from CBS News:

Iran deal set to become international law

July 17, 2015

UNITED NATIONS — The U.N. Security Council scheduled a vote for first thing Monday morning on a resolution endorsing the Iran nuclear deal… Monday’s vote will come despite calls from some U.S. lawmakers to delay Security Council approval until Congress reviews the deal… [T]he resolution will make the Iran nuclear deal international law, but will delay its official implementation for 90 days, to allow for the U.S. Congress’ consideration.

Which is an empty gesture if there ever was one.


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Khamenei Calls For Muslims To Unite ‘To Destroy Israel’

In a nutshell, Iran’s Supreme Leader, Ali Khamenei, said that the US has tried to stop the Muslim world from uniting to destroy Israel. Clearly he is living in the past. Mr. Obama would never do such a thing.

From Breitbart:

Iran Dictator Calls for Muslim World to Unite and Destroy Israel, Says USA Created ISIS

By Jordan Schachtel | July 19, 2015

Iranian Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei went into a conspiracy-laden tirade on Saturday, blaming the “arrogant powers” for getting in the way of the Muslim world’s mission to unite and destroy Israel.

“If the Islamic Ummah were united and relied on their own commonalities, they would certainly be a unique power in the international political scene but big powers have imposed such divisions on the Islamic Ummah to pursue their own interests and safeguard the Zionist regime [of Israel],” Khamenei said in remarks to commemorate the end of Ramadan…

Fortunately that is all in the past.


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Reader Selected News For The Week Of Jul 18 To Jul 24

This thread is for the busy bees of S&L to post news articles that might not warrant their own thread.

Posting Guidelines

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Avoid editorials or opinion pieces unless they are truly newsworthy.
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Thank you.



Hillary Was Turned Down By NASA (Like The Marines)

Hey, what’s another ‘white lie’ from Hillary? And at least here, unlike her earlier lie about being turned down by the Marines (see below) she isn’t lying to women who actually joined the military.

From the Politico:

Hillary Clinton sounds the alarm on meteorites

By Nick Gass | July 16, 2015

… Responding to the man who asked the question about the future of space exploration and government funding for it, Clinton told him that he was “talking to someone who wanted to be an astronaut.”

“When I was a little girl, I guess I was a teenager by then … 14, I think, and the space program was getting started, and I wanted to be an astronaut, and I wrote to NASA,” she recounted.



PP Director Was Reprimanded (For Telling The Truth)

Note how the AP mentions in passing that these ‘mothers’ get to deduct these baby parts on their taxes? Isn’t that an incentive?

From a seething Associated Press:

More investigations target Planned Parenthood policies

By DAVID CRARY | July 16, 2015

The governors of Georgia and Indiana and Ohio’s attorney general on Thursday ordered investigations of Planned Parenthood facilities in their states to determine if organs from aborted fetuses were being sold…

Read: Two states full of bitter clingers.

Planned Parenthood officials said Thursday that Nucatola has been "reprimanded." They did not elaborate…

Reprimanded for what? For letting the truth slip out? And exactly what is a reprimand amount to? A rap on the knuckles? Being kept from watching abortions for a week?

The commercial sale of fetal tissue is outlawed.


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PP’s Nucatola Works For Ex-Obama White House Staffer

From the Daily Caller:

Disgraced Planned Parenthood Official Works For White House Staff…Her ‘Right-Wing’ Hatred EXPOSED

By Patrick Howley | July 17, 2015

Disgraced Planned Parenthood official Deborah Nucatola’s shocking personal work history is coming to light. Records reveal that Nucatola was employed by a former White House staffer at the time that she was selling aborted baby fetus parts. A staunch political advocate, Nucatola railed against the “right-wing” Bush administration. What’s more, she so enjoyed her work in the abortion industry that she touted a T-shirt celebrating a drug used in the practice…

Nucatola is currently employed at Sexual Health Innovations, founded by former Obama White House staffer Jessica Ladd. Senior Obama administration officials sit on the board of the abortion activist group… The IRS-approved 501(c)3 tech nonprofit is a major Obama administration contractor… The Daily Caller has inquired as to the level of compensation that Nucatola currently earns at the nonprofit.


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Planned Parenthood Is Sorry For ‘Staffer’s Tone’ In Video

Sure, the only problem was the ‘staffer’s’ tone. Otherwise, illegally harvesting baby parts for profit is perfectly fine.

From a shameless Politico:

Planned Parenthood apologizes for official’s tone in video

By Eliza Collins | July 16, 2015

Planned Parenthood Federation of America President Cecile Richards apologized for the lack of compassion portrayed by an executive in an undercover video but continued to refute claims that the organization is profiting from fetal tissue donation.

According to the Oxford English Dictionary "refute" means: "To disprove, overthrow by argument, prove to be false." Neither Ms. Richards nor Planned Parenthood have done that.

Richards spoke in a new video released by the organization on Thursday. This was the first time the organization had addressed the tone of the comments publicly.



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